Taking a look at all angles of the Cam Newton release

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
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After the Patriots released Cam Newton, Simms and I reconvened at the set of PFT Live for a special edition focusing the Newton news and all associated angles and issues.

From how it happened, why it happened, what happens next, and whether what happened ultimately prompts another team with a rookie quarterback to make a similar move with its own veteran starter, it’s all covered in the segment.

So grab your lunch, pull up a chair, click on the video, and check out our special bonus segment of PFT Live.

And stay with us all day long for all moves and news and analysis resulting from one of the business days on the NFL calendar.

13 responses to “Taking a look at all angles of the Cam Newton release

  1. I don’t think Cam will ever be starter in the NFL again. He’s spoiled milk, he’s not aging like a good cheese.

  2. Still should have jumped on the ball during the Super Bowl. The culmination of his lack of effort, terrible work ethic, and purely getting by on physical gifts alone meant it was just a matter of time. Bill just kept his cards close to his chest during this pre-season and threw everyone for a loop, but the writing was on the wall months ago.

  3. Bill Belichick is a genius. Last year, the Patriots were caught in another cheating scandal, and very shortly after that, they signed Cam Newton. Because of the headline grabbing signing of Newton, not much reporting was done on the scandal. I said that at the time. I mean, Belichick and Newton are about as opposite as you can get. It’s just like when politicians release unfavorable stuff on a Friday. Timing is important. Now, just a year later, they release Newton. He served a purpose. Now that everyone forgot, so it’s time to move on. Welcome to the era of Mac Jones.

  4. I thought this was pretty shocking news.

    It’s just not like Belichick to go all in like this after such a small sample size w/ a QB. Obviously, he likes what he sees – but it’s a huge risk.

    Could the Pats really have gotten lucky again w/ one of the later QB’s picked? With Brady it was 6, with Jones 4. The other QB’s in Jones’ class all looked great this preseason as well.

    I guess we’ll see how it goes. It would be kind of devastating (as a Bills fan) if the Pats really did luck out & Mac is the best of the class. It’s not likely, but we just won’t know for awhile.

  5. The team is good enough to carry Mac Jones with top 5 defense and the best running game. Cam looked good but Mac just looked better. I am sure Cam will land somewhere.

  6. Cam is done as a starter, and there are very limited options as to where he fits in as a backup. He’s not a prototypical QB who can come in and play in a regular offense. He needs a gimmicky offense designed for him.

  7. Cam was a consummate pro in New England, loved by the players and coaches. Set a great example of work ethic for the younger players.

    Once it was decided that Mac would start, it made sense for NE to move on from Cam. Now, even if Mac losses the first few games, everyone in the clubhouse will still be behind him. Avoiding a schism.

    I am not sure why they didn’t try to trade him other than doing him a solid for his professionalism. I think the Texans and others would have given something worthwhile.

  8. has no one considered this may allow a player to be protected and cam resigned? sounds belichickian to me…

  9. I am not sure why they didn’t try to trade him other than doing him a solid for his professionalism.


    Because he wants either being a starter or having some fun. Once he knows he wouldn’t be the starter, he didn’t want to stay as a “nice and quite” hard-working backup

  10. All the Koolaid BB boys praising this “genius “ move, but who was the dummy to sign him, lose last year with him and blow 3.5 mil this year by releasing him. If he’s so smart, why did he sign him to begin with

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