Texans “are not expected” to trade Deshaun Watson before 4:00 p.m. ET today

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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When it comes to reporting regarding the status of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, there isn’t much clarity or certainty. And for good reason. His status is constantly subject to change.

For now, NFL Media reports that the Texans “are not expected” to trade Watson before cutting the roster from 80 to 53 players by 4:00 p.m. ET.

“Are not expected” is not “won’t.” Currently, it’s “not expected.” Expectations could change.

Also, the reporting expires as of 4:00 p.m. ET. A trade could happen at any point after that, all the way until the Tuesday after Week Eight.

That’s one of the slipperiest aspects of a potential Watson trade. Other than the trade deadline, there’s no clear deadline for doing a deal. It could happen tomorrow or the next day or the next. It could happen before Week One, after Week One. After an injury. After a team loses a couple of games.

All we know is that, for roughly the new four hours, the Texans “are not expected” to trade Watson. As of 4:01 p.m. ET, who knows what will happen?

20 responses to “Texans “are not expected” to trade Deshaun Watson before 4:00 p.m. ET today

  1. What is the disconnect between NY media and local Miami media?

    Because the verbiage is quite different.

  2. I understand due process and all, but it amazes me that any team would take on such baggage and potential backlash. Not to mention that if he is convicted/prosecuted and ends up out of the league for however long, they’ve lost BIG time. Personally, I’d be very disappointed in any team who trades for him. At he very least, he’s a whiner and a malcontent; at worst, if the many allegations are true, he’s a predator.

  3. With DeShaun Watson’s availability being in question for the upcoming season…this would’ve been a historically bad deal for the Miami Dolphins,perhaps setting Miami back a decade or more…but on the other hand,the Houston Texans would’ve made out like thieves.

  4. Feels like the Texans are putting these rumors out as petty revenge for the Tunsil deal.

  5. If anyone offered a #1 pick i’d trade him asap and be done with that huge headach Watson isnot elite he chokes way to much .

  6. 3 things are for sure…

    The media will ride this til the bitter end creating a story when there isn’t one.

    DeShaun Watson isn’t going to jail.

    DeShaun Watson won’t play at the NFL level again.

    The media is old and tired and puppets. If there was a shred of evidence there would’ve been an arrest a long time ago.

    This guy is a creep and everybody knows it. Too risky to take that on.

  7. That’s because no one wants to trade for him at this time. The rumors of Miami being the frontrunner was old news, and the Texans wanted it to appear that there was interest.

  8. Seems like the exempt list is exactly for this situation where the allegations are extremely serious.

  9. If they’re really asking for 3 firsts and 2 seconds as has been reported, they’ll never find a dance partner. No team is going to give up anywhere near that for at best a malcontent, at worst a sexual predator who is likely to be suspended for a long time at any moment.

  10. The Texans should force the league’s hands on this topic and at least say and act like they are preparing to have Watson play. If they sit him all year, they pay him all year anyway so why not tell him to suit up and see if the league puts him on the Suspended With Pay list. If they don’t, other teams at least know (well, have a good idea) that he’ll be available to play this year and can take up trade talks. It would remove one big uncertainty. Now about that other one…

  11. LMAO, after living in the south Florida area for many years now I can state this; Should massage therapist predator Deshaun Watson come to Miami it will be to reside at the Federal prison located in downtown Miami. The Dolphins will not give even half of what the Texans are asking!

  12. Why do reports continue to focus on his trade liklihood or paid leave aspect without a single mention or even a gloss over of the very serious allegations and that inevitable suspension factor? Moreover a mere mention of the 2 dozen+ allegations, 10 of which are criminal? Because the “DW is a victim of the Texans” is really still a narrative??? Compare and contrast to how Ben, AB, Vick, and Zeke were reported.

  13. No chance this guy gets traded this season especially for the ridiculous asking price the Texans want for him.

  14. I don’t mind holding onto him for now. There may have been a perception that the Texans should sell low on him, but the team is likely better off holding onto him, waiting for the legal situation to resolve itself, and then making a deal with an interested team.

  15. To the Patriots… how else to explain BB’s unusual shedding of QBs? Nick Casserio an ex-Patriots is Texans Gen Manager. They can deal.

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