Brian Flores: “Tua is our quarterback”

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The Deshaun Watson rumors won’t go away in Miami, in large part because the Dolphins still have not slammed the door on a trade for Deshaun Watson.

On Wednesday, coach Brian Flores came the closest that he has to becoming the latest Dolphins coach to make an unequivocal statement that eventually could be proven false.

Tua [Tagovailoa] is our quarterback,” Flores told reporters, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “He’s had a good training camp, made a lot of progress, made a lot of improvement. We’re pleased with where he is.”

Tua definitely is their quarterback. But circumstances can change in football. Nine days ago, Cam Newton was the starting quarterback in New England. And now? Not.

The Dolphins remain interested in Watson. If the Texans reduce their demands and/or if the Dolphins decide that, for 10 or more years with Deshaun, it’s worth sweetening the pot, it can still happen. The only relevant deadline is the Tuesday after Week Eight, when the window closes on all trades until March 15.

With the question of whether the Dolphins will trade for Watson becoming a distraction, Flores had to put out the fire. He reportedly did so with his players yesterday, and he did so with the media today.

But “Tua is our quarterback” isn’t “Tua will be our quarterback all season” or even “We won’t trade for Deshaun Watson.” While at this point it looks like the two teams won’t be getting together on a trade in the immediate future, things can and do change at any time.

That’s when “Tua is our quarterback” quickly would become “Tua was our quarterback.”

31 responses to “Brian Flores: “Tua is our quarterback”

  1. Yes, at this moment it is technically accurate to describe Tua as your quarterback. Well done.

  2. Poor Tua. He’s been done dirty by the idiot owner. Ross should just own the team and let Grier and Flores do what they are paid by him to do.

  3. Good luck with that Dolphins. Will be interesting to see one more year of Tua. So far I haven’t seen the star they were hoping for

  4. He’s not lying. He didn’t say he’s our QB for the year or that they aren’t trying to trade for Watson. Sometimes it’s all in what they don’t say that matters most.

  5. I don’t care how good Watson is. I don’t want him on my team. If you also had a daughter, you would understand. He shouldn’t be allowed to buy his way out of this.

  6. This what happens when an owner gets in the way. Flores is trying to get his young qb and team ready for New England, yet he has to answer for his clueless owner who his throwing bombs into his press conference. Talking about adding a new qb a week before the season never brings a locker room together.

  7. I’m beginning to think the NY sports media are having a hey day using the Dolphins and Tua as click bait.

  8. I’m a Jets fan and even I feel bad for Tua. Dolphins are screwing themselves which isn’t terrible to watch though.

  9. This is silliness. Any statement that any coach or GM makes about acquiring a player can eventually be false.

  10. Now its up to Tua to put together some strong games early in the season to shut this trade talk down for good

  11. Tua hasn’t done anything to lose the job nor to keep it. Newton was a covid cut. Watson is a limbo player being held hostage by his own poor decisions. Let’s play football.

  12. What happened to “Tank 4 Tua”??? I haven’t heard one positive thing about him so far.

  13. If Ross keeps meddling in football operations, he will eventually run off the best coach we have had in decades.

  14. What is up with the fins? They invested a pick with Tua then tossed a playoff spot away to make sure a rookie was the legit thing. Now the QB they may have rushed is surrounded with possible trades. No problem with him committing to Tua but maybe they should’ve committed to Fitz, let this guy sit a bit more then start.

  15. Lol. Cause I trust a team that passed on Herbert for Tua with picks. Talk about supreme scouting evaluation. Go all in for for a top 5 proven QB like Watson once the smoke clears or you have no shot.

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