By retiring, Malcom Butler gives up $3.25 million


The unofficial MVP of Super Bowl XLIX surprisingly has retired from the NFL. In so doing, he’ll give up a fairly significant chunk of change.

Cornerback Malcolm Butler‘s one-year deal with the Cardinals included a $2.175 million signing bonus. He’ll owe that money to the team. He also will lose a guaranteed salary of $1.075 million, along with up to $2.75 million in incentives tied to playing time and whether the Cardinals make the playoffs.

The good news for the Cardinals is that they won’t have to pursue Butler for most of the signing bonus. Per a source with knowledge of the contract, $1.375 million of the signing bonus was deferred to March 31, 2022. He has received only $800,000.

The Cardinals placed Butler on the reserve/retired list. He can unretire at any time, through the late-season deadline that closes the door completely on a return.

16 responses to “By retiring, Malcom Butler gives up $3.25 million

  1. Tom Brady: “Hey, Rookie…”

    Malcolm Butler turns around.

    Brady: “…You we’re good.”

    Butler turns back around and slowly walks into the cornfield.

  2. Malcolm Butler’s NFL epitaph: He made the single greatest defensive play in the history of the Super Bowl. Not a bad way to be remembered.

  3. Really hope he and his family are ok because there has to be some major issue for him to walk away like this, in his prime and having to pay back/forfeit his salary. People don’t get chances to make 2.75m in a single year. Hopefully he socked away most of his FA $ he got from the Titans. Good luck Malcolm and THANK YOU for the 2016 title!

  4. Always thought it was strange when during the interview after the interception in the super bowl he said he had a vision.

  5. So he received $800 k for signing his name. Nice. Help bump him into retirement from NFL. Now only has to get a job and live rest of 50 years of his life.

  6. Well if he needs any help having an ongoing hissy fit and melt down about it, he should know who to call.

  7. I love when posters say stuff like this???? Really? Are you top, say 50-100 in the world at what you do? Whatever it is? If you are, you have a chance at making that kind of coin. If not, watch the top athletes in their profession perform and earn our dollars. If you don’t like it don’t watch and addd value somewhere else in society

  8. Even though teams use multiple DB’s, reports were Murphy and Alford were listed at Cards starting CB’s with Butler third. Then Butler leaves camp and wipes all Cardinals info and pics off of his social media. Seems odd.

  9. Looks like his career earnings, not including AZ, was about $42m. Dude shouldn’t ever have to work again, and for sure he’ll never have to buy his own drinks in New England ever again.

  10. Tom Brady says:
    September 1, 2021 at 12:10 pm
    Just like Chumbawamba, a one-hit wonder


    He was a Pro Bowl player one year. Another player who excelled in NE and was a nothing when he moved on. BB is a genius!

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