It’s time for more NFL teams to step up and support Hurricane Ida relief

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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The NFL views itself not as 32 independent businesses, even though for many legal reasons it is. It regards itself as one company with 32 branches.

One of those branches operates in a city that recently was ravaged by a hurricane. And several of the other branches have kicked in $1 million to assist in the relief efforts.

The Saints, Falcons, Panthers, and Ravens have each made the contribution. The league itself has done the same thing. And that’s great.

But, frankly, what about the other 28 branches? They all have plenty of cash, especially with the infusion of gambling money (which reportedly will create $270 million in revenue this year).

So here’s hoping that the other teams step up. Especially the Buccaneers — the only team in the NFC South that has yet to make a contribution. Indeed, if Bucs running back Leonard Fournette can kick in $100,000, ownership can kick in $1 million.

And if the Ravens of the AFC North can do it, they all can. Here’s hoping they all will.

And here’s hoping that, if/when a strategy strikes one of the other cities when a branch of Big Shield, Inc. does business, they’ll all step up then, too.

If you’d like to make a donation of your own, here’s the Red Cross link.

5 responses to “It’s time for more NFL teams to step up and support Hurricane Ida relief

  1. They should just announce that the NFL is donating 34 Mil. 1mil for each team and 1 mil for the NFLPA and the NFL problem solved

  2. Pegula is only worth 5.7 billion – c’mon man. He’ll have to write that into the Bill’s negotiations to work over the good folks of Buffalo a little bit more.

  3. Mike,
    As someone here in NOLA thanks for writing this. Here in the city while not ideal (no power, no water, no gas, 90 plus degree heat, 900% humidity and no end in sight) we don’t have it near as bad as the folks down the road. They have nothing and really nothing to go back to. They need help from anyone even Falcons fans. Thanks for writing this again.

  4. The NFL owners would probably want someone else to foot the bill while getting the credit. Like most billionaires do.

  5. I’m in NOLA and have been without power since the hurricane hit. I’m blessed to have a generator and minor damage to the house. It has been ridiculously hot and miserable! There’s been help but it’s coming from our own residents and minor relief. I never thought we’d be without power for this long, we need help because whatever they’re doing isn’t helping.

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