Ryan Pace on Teven Jenkins: We feel we fixed the problem with his back

NFL: JUL 29 Chicago Bears Training Camp
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The Bears placed rookie tackle Teven Jenkins on injured reserve Wednesday in a move that was expected after Jenkins had back surgery last month.

Jenkins dealt with back problems at Oklahoma State, but they did not keep the Bears from trading up to take Jenkins in the second round earlier this year. On Wednesday, General Manager Ryan Pace said Jenkins reported different symptoms this summer than he had in school and the team tried to relieve them via other routes before Jenkins opted for a “common surgery.”

Pace said the team remains optimistic about Jenkins’ future and that they’re confident they’ve fixed what was ailing him.

“Without getting into details, he started having some pain down his leg — I think just from the nerve,” Pace said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “The good thing? As soon as we did [the surgery], those symptoms went away. So we feel good about it. . . . And just because he had a back surgery doesn’t mean he’s not going to have a good NFL career. We’re excited about the player, excited about where he’s heading. Now we feel we fixed the problem.”

Bears fans with memories of the time Chris Williams, Gabe Carimi, and Marc Colombo spent in Chicago may not share that optimism about Jenkins’ future, but the Bears will be leaving the light on for the rookie.

9 responses to “Ryan Pace on Teven Jenkins: We feel we fixed the problem with his back

  1. Ryan Pace
    Cuts a LT with 90+ NFL starts
    Drafts a RT, to play LT, but he’s injured
    Signs a dinosaur at LT who’s played 1 complete season out of the last 4

    And people wonder why Andy Dalton is starting.

  2. Sounds like sciatic nerve pain and he probably had a laminectomy. 20 year olds don’t get those without underlying conditions and I doubt that this is a one and done,

  3. Yet another wasted top pick, if he plays next year you lost a year. Fire Pace now there is not much he can do the rest of the season. The new GM will have the 2021 season to evaluate the team for 2022.

  4. I have to wonder what Ryan Pace says when he talks to George Mckasey? Better yet, what does he say to Virgina…Do they fall for his BS.. The only thing Pace and Nagy are worried about is their jobs.If You want to win you play the best players you have. This is not the first player Pace has fallen in love with and taken gas like a big puppy. He stinks as a evaluator.

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