Jerry Jones wants the Bills to stay in Buffalo

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When it was time for the Rams to possibly leave St. Louis, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave the move a thumb’s up. With the Bills possibly in line to leave Buffalo, Jones has decided to go . . . . . thumb’s down.

“It’s unique, it’s just as Green Bay is unique relative to size, location,” Jones said of Buffalo during his Friday appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. “Buffalo has a special place. All those AFL teams have a special place, just as Green Bay does. And so to me my wish would be they work something out and stay there. It’s easy if you step back and say, ‘Well, there are other areas that have more of this that it seems you would want if you were what? If you would want if you own the team.’ Well, the Pegulas are very deeply involved in Buffalo, and they’re a great people and great story in this country. . . . To me, they can expand and continue to get the great interest they get from that great city, Toronto, that’s 80 miles across the lake, and really have a great franchise.”

Jones has a clear financial reason for wanting the Bills to stay put, just as he had a clear financial reason for wanting the Rams to move. In June, the Bills hired Legends (co-owned by Jones) to represent the Bills in the effort to get a new stadium and, once they do, to sell premium seats and suites.

While Jones may believe what he’s saying, he’s got even more reason to believe it, because one of his companies will make money from the Bills staying in Buffalo. Just as it made money from the Rams returning to L.A.

The other benefit to Jones is that, if the Bills don’t move, he won’t have to worry about getting sued by Buffalo and, as in St. Louis, having to cough up his personal financial information because a judge has found sufficient evidence to believe that he may have committed fraud in engineering the team’s departure.

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  1. Don’t say this often, but Jerry’s right. Team has stunk for 25 years. Don’t try to fleece the area once you finally have leverage or threaten to leave.

  2. MR. Jones should pass the hat around to the NFL owners to get enough money to build Buffalo a new stadium.

  3. The fact the Pegulas are even threatening to move (even if it’s a negotiating ploy) indicates they’re not great people. Instead, tell them to open their check book and pay for their own stadium.

  4. Jerry is totally right. There are different types of fans who prefer teams with different profiles. If they can make enough money, like GB and Buffalo have done (with the help of revenue sharing), it will help the NFL stay No. 1.

  5. What Jerry Jones is saying,is that western/upstate New York is the most liveable and sane parts of New York.

  6. What Jerry wants Jerry gets. He wanted the Rams in LA. He got it. He wanted the Chargers in LA. He got that too. But what he gets out of it is that his company owns the concessions and ticketing for both those teams and many others across the league. He is the de facto commissioner and what he says goes.

  7. Since he raked Texans over the cost of his stadium, let Jerrah finance the buffalo stadium. He definitely doesn’t want three teams in Texas.

  8. Funny how he didn’t feel the same way when the Oilers wanted to move to Nashville. Or when he suggested that the Chargers move to LA, just a few years ago.

  9. For Jerry Jones this and the Rams move represent a true conflict of interest. Guess that is why Jerry is being sued. The Stadium in LA was built with private funds, and is a perfect example of why billionaires can and should pay for their own stadium.

  10. Oh please, spare me. No one has been on the record more over the past decade saying the Bills need a new stadium than Jerry Jones.

  11. Where can the Bills move to? San Diego? Oakland? San Antonio? New York City cannot have 3 teams playing in the same stadium in New Jersey.

  12. While it would be an awesome gesture for an owner or group to fully finance a stadium, it’ll never happen. There is ZERO chance the other owners would put up with that.

  13. One of the places the Bills have leveraged is Austin, Texas. Of course Jerry would oppose the Bills moving. He has been okay with multiple other teams doing the exact same thing over the last few years.

  14. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    September 4, 2021 at 2:38 pm
    Toronto Bills sounds good to me.
    Toronto Bills sounds good? That name makes no sense. It would be similar to calling a team the Toronto Cowboys or the Memphis 49ers. No worries though as Toronto will never get an NFL franchise.

  15. If Jerry reflects the feelings of most owners, which he usually does, approval of a move is not likely unless Buffalo completely shuts the door on the Bills goofy owners.

  16. Stop with Buffalo is moving talk, your conjecture is not needed as part of the conversation.

  17. Good thing Beane/Mc D made Pegs sign a no interference deal.
    Just look at the ineptitude of the Sabres in hockey with the Pegs interfering.

  18. Ulterior motives aside, I agree with Jerry (words I’ve never uttered before). Buffalo is a unique venue for the league and even as a Patriots fan I can say the Bills’ fans are unbelievable in their support through thick and thin and deserve a team. What good is it to move to a fancy new stadium in some warm climate if you can’t generate the same level of fan interest? What would happen to the folding table manufacturing industry? Its times like this I’d like to see the league office and other owners take a more proactive stance and do whatever (financial or otherwise) to keep the Bills in Buffalo with new stadium deal (wouldn’t that benefit ALL of them?).

  19. Who cares what JJ wants. He doesn’t care about what the fans want. Wonder if this post gets deleted for speaking the truth again.

  20. I am a lions fan, I’m 43. So for me I’ve seen a few teams move in my lifetime but a few of them were moves back and forth like Oakland’s movements. But that being said and acknowledging their are bigger markets Buffalo is one of those places that seems linked with a franchise by time the riots have been in the community. ISNT always that way and we see apathy at times from fanbases about a given franchise. It’s just my opinion but the NFL should acknowledge the institutional value to having a large number of stable, unmoving franchises that produce generation after generation of fans. That keeps the league from changing too much and becoming unfamiliar to the consumers. Buffalo like Pittsburgh and Green Bay just to name two others provides this. Passion has value that isn’t listed on a profit and loss sheet or relocation check. NFL would be smart to remember this. The passion of the fans is the sport.

  21. Jerry Jones is a greedy pig. He wants the Bills in Buffalo so they don’t come to San Antonio. Can’t wait until the other owners defeat Jones in a vote 30-2 and bring an expansion team to San Antonio. Jerry Jones is just one owner. He does not have any additional authority. DEFEAT JERRY JONES AND EXPND TO SAN ANTONIO.

  22. Jones should manage his own team. The Cowboys can’t stop anybody and haven’t won a Super Bowl since Bill Clinton’s wasn’t President.

  23. momi says:
    September 4, 2021 at 12:38 pm
    “Jerry also does not want even a whiff of the possibility of an NFL franchise moving to San Antonio.”

    any region in texas other than southeast texas is cowboys land.

  24. Jones admitted during his deposition in the case of St. Louis vs the Rams that he urged Kroenke to move the team. One day after the vote approving the move happened, the Rams signed a contract with Legends Hospitality (partially owned by Jones) to sell PSLs and luxury suites.

  25. He doesn’t want another team in Texas. However as a Pats fan I agree. The Buffalo 🐃 crowd is good. I have been to a few games up there and they are a rough group but they enjoy their team.

  26. Why exactly is it okay for Jones to vote in favor of a 3rd team in California and vote in favor of the Oilers to move to Tennessee (within a 5 hour radius of Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cincinnati) but he’s suddenly the king of Texas and believes he owns the rights to the entire state?

    New York (including suburban NJ) has three teams, Florida has three teams, California has three teams, but I’m expected to believe that two extremely viable markets in Texas are off-limits because of Jerry Jones?

    It’d be nice to see the political leaders in San Antonio and Austin stand up and call out Jones. It’d be even better to see them threaten litigation against Jones and the NFL.

  27. Jerry Jones is surely the greediest, most self centered owner in the league. Living in San Antonio I have seen that pig like owner block every legitimate attempt to get the NFL in here for decades. I would love the Bills or any other NFL team to relocate to this area of course. Or better yet an expansion team. But the sickening days of Jerry Jones’ rule over this town should be at an end finally.

  28. I hope they can work it out! I fear if Buffalo loses its NFL franchise it will never get one back. Like Greenbay it is unique in being a relatively small city for a franchise. It has passionate fans deserves a team. So I agree with Mr. Jones.

  29. The state gave over $1B to the Mets stadium and Yankees stadium. They will do the same for the Bills. This all negotiating tactics. The stadium deal will get done and the Bills will stay in Buffalo.

  30. I will say this…the Buffalo Bills football team picked a perfect time to be great! Getting the community to buy in to the negotiations always works better when the team is winning!

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