Four weeks until Tom Brady returns to New England

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady has said he will never again live in the Boston area. In four weeks, he’ll be back for what could be his last professional visit, in his current profession.

Yes, the regular season hasn’t started but it’s still only four weeks until Brady and the Buccaneers play the Patriots in New England. It’s the most anticipated regular-season game in years. And “years” is the key word.

Brady is 44 years old. As noted by Mike Reiss of, the age difference between Brady and rookie Mac Jones (who turns 23 today) spans 21 years and 33 days.

Reiss says that’s the biggest age difference between starting quarterbacks in a game since at least 1950; it’s hard to believe it’s not the biggest gap ever.

Four weeks is a very small gap. Only four weeks from today, we’ll be getting ready for the 44-year-old TB12 and 23-year-old MJ10 to have their first meeting.

28 responses to “Four weeks until Tom Brady returns to New England

  1. Emotional game for Brady. I’m sure he’d be laser focused to hand Bill a loss. Looking forward to this game. Tons of storylines.

  2. I’d be surprised if Brady gets anything other than a standing ovation!

    Regardless of the result, its where they are at the end of the year, not at week 4.

  3. I’ll pull for Bill in this one and then hope they both win the rest of their schedules until they have it out again in a bowl. In reality if either one of them makes it to the bowl it would be another great season, keep piling up the Ws.

  4. One of these days there will be something else to report on other than a QB defying father time.
    Until then, I wish nothing but the best of luck to him.
    Them well wishes are genuine until the GOAT meets his projected protégé, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II.
    Go Chiefs!

  5. He won’t make it out of the first game he has always been a statue now he is an old statue. This is a young mans game and our young fast much improved defense is going end his career. It was a great run Tom but Father Time is undefeated.

  6. Pats D frothing at the mouth to snap those stilts.

    People inside the organization about the truth about Brady and his antics, selfishly making it about himself from Guerrero, to the creepy Facebook doc, the public support of Trump with teammates in utter disbelief,to skipping OTAs spitting his team’s face, to the sabotaging of the 2019 season.

    No Boston legend left in such a way. The very thing wrong with our society with it’s phony MeBron or Brady claiming to be a great teammate but really craving the attention for themself.

    BB was relieved to show him the door.

  7. Have to love the revision of history from certain folks. Guerrero was brought to the team by Willie McGinest and was allowed by Belichick to stay on the sidelines for over a decade he isn’t the reason Brady left. Belichick drafting poorly, not giving Tom help in 2019, and his cheap nature are the reason for that. Looking forward to week 4. Go Pats!

  8. Huge 15 minute standing ovation then a ferocious pass rush and dominating win for the Pats

  9. Interestingly, Brady may well have broken some additional records by the time that game ends, including most games played by a non-kicker and career passing yards. I’m not saying he will break those records, but he might. Assuming he plays, he’ll also pass Vinnie Testaverde to become the tenth oldest person ever to play professional football.

  10. Love Brady, but love the Patriots more….I’m excited to see the Pats front VS the Bucs O line & just how much pressure they can put on Brady… Brady is old but very wise….I hope the Pats D rotates guys in continuously keeping the line fresh & the pressure on Brady to get rid of the ball quick…. Brady has some phenomenal talent on offense to pull from for sure…. Really wish we had Gilmore for this game…. I’ll be shocked if the Pats win but I like to be shocked every now & again & I hope they can at least keep it close if not outright win it….
    Go Pats!!!

  11. Patriots defense will be extra motivated. Remember when Peyton went back to Indy with the Broncos? Robert Mathis played like a man on a mission. Expect the same from Hightower and the rest of the defense against Brady. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if Brady retires soon after.

  12. In the spate of recent posts about Tom Brady, the vast majority of Patriots fans wish him well, though they also wish for a Patriots victory in Week 4. But I’ve seen three Pats fans (well, two actual Pats fans and one fake) predict/wish for Brady to be hurt (e.g., “snap those stilts”) and knocked out of the game or even his career. This is disgusting and not the thinking of a real football fan. A real fan wishes for each team to play its best, for the fan’s team to come out on top, and for all players to go home safely and uninjured.

  13. Some Pats fans are so delusional (I’m a pats fan but I’m not gonna bash Brady for leaving when he wasn’t given much choice). Now Brady was a problem in the locker room and is selfish? A guy who hasn’t had one teammate, former or current, bad mouth him is the egomaniac. Yeah, not buying it.
    Plenty of teammates have questioned Belichick. He has more of an ego than Brady. Maybe of Belichick took a bit more advice from Brady, like Arians did, Brady would still be a Patriot. Out of the two, Brady has nothing left to prove.

  14. I don’t like Tom but I can’t stand the smug Patriot fan base even more.. I hope the BUCS pound the Patriots

  15. Bruce and Tom are not only going to win, they are going to run up the score on Mr. Smug Bill Belichick and hand him an embarrassing defeat. Just like BB has always done to lesser teams. The worm has certainly turned

  16. didnthearwhat says:
    September 5, 2021 at 6:57 pm
    Bruce and Tom are not only going to win, they are going to run up the score on Mr. Smug Bill Belichick and hand him an embarrassing defeat. Just like BB has always done to lesser teams. The worm has certainly turned


    The Bucs have a tough road game against the Rams the week before and then have to travel all the way back to the East Coast to play the Pats. The Bucs have the better team but playing at home in weeks 3 and 4 helps NE enormously here.

  17. Belichick didn’t want Brady to be the Pats QB ever since JimmyG. Brady didn’t stay where he is not wanted. Business is business. BB is the manager. Evidently he thought Brady is not good for the team anymore. Like what BB always say, he does what’s good for the team. Brady has gotten old.

  18. I grew up on Cape Cod during the summertime.Before it grew to crowed, it was heaven. God luck on the 880, Tom.

  19. Some Pats fans want belichick fired for making them sad that Brady isn’t in NE anymore 😀 😀 😀

  20. Forget Tampa Bay Tommy… I’m more interested in seeing what Mac Jones can do against maybe the best defense in football. Will he look like a rookie or will he look like he can handle anything the NFL throws at him. That will be fun to watch.

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