Austin Jackson, Adam Shaheen both tested positive for COVID

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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When the Dolphins placed tackle Austin Jackson and tight end Adam Shaheen on the COVID reserve list, the team didn’t disclose whether they tested positive or landed there due to close contact with an infected person. For Shaheen, whose prior absence for close-contact exposure confirms that he’s not vaccinated (he’s also said he isn’t, and that he refuses to get vaccinated), it’s a difference of a five-day absence versus a minimum 10-day waiting period.

The NFL’s morning wire for Labor Day allows, via simple deduction (which qualifies me to do it), a conclusion that both tested positive.

A note at the bottom the report indicates that four players were placed on the COVID list, and that three tested positive. It’s already known that Cowboys guard Brandon Knight landed on the COVID list due to the close-contact rules. Thus, Jackson, Shaheen, and Cowboys guard Zack Martin make up the three who tested positive. (Knight, Martin, Jackson, and Shaheen are the only four players placed on COVID reserve on the Monday transaction report.)

For Shaheen, it means he’ll miss at least 10 days, knocking him out for the season opener and keeping him away at least until next Thursday, three days before a Week Two game against the Bills. For Jackson, the absence depends on whether he’s vaccinated. If not, he’s out at least 10 days. If so, he’s out until he generates two negatives tests at least 24 hours apart.

Although Shaheen will receive his salary for any games he misses, unvaccinated players lose their per-game active roster bonuses. As to Shaheen, that’s $14,705 for Week One — and perhaps another $14,705 for Week Two.

9 responses to “Austin Jackson, Adam Shaheen both tested positive for COVID

  1. Glad it is costing him something even though he won’t miss the money, the principal of it will still annoy him.

  2. He must be “rich”? I was thinking he must be “stupid “not to be vaccinated, it’s people like him that are keeping the pandemic going.

  3. Both fairly large losses. Shaheen is one of the better blocking TEs we have and Jackson is starter on the line. Luckily Jackson isn’t protecting Tua’s blindside. Funny I didn’t see all this player hate when Tannehill tested positive and was out for 9 days. This vaccine argument is as silly as red vs. blue.

  4. Florida is ridiculous.. I’m in Orlando now. Stayed at shades of green first, they’re doing mask/distancing mandates, distribute sanitizer well. Animal kingdom, magic kingdom, Epcot; doing a pretty good job mandating masks indoors/not great about distancing though. Universal is just embarrassing. 1 out of 50 on average are masking. Of them, 1/3 don’t understand they also cover the nose. Florida is the anchor pulling the national IQ average to 98.

  5. ghjjf says:
    September 6, 2021 at 10:58 pm
    Dolphins only shot of winning was with Cam Newton as the Patriots QB!
    Either that or catching three interceptions from a rookie on his 1st start. One of those two only.

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