Ja’Marr Chase blames drops on lack of concentration

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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The Bengals used the fifth overall choice on LSU receiver Ja'Marr Chase. They have to hope his rookie regular season goes better than his rookie preseason.

Chase has struggled with dropped balls.

He addressed his problem holding onto the ball Monday, saying it stems from a lack of concentration, and admitted he didn’t get as much out of the preseason as he and the team had hoped.

“I know I left a lot of stuff out there,” Chase said, via Ben Baby of ESPN. “But that’s all in time for me to get better, of course. I’m not afraid to get better. That’s what I’m here for — to work, to get better, make the team better, make the organization better.”

Chase dropped 4.8 percent of his targets in 2019 at LSU when he won the Biletnikoff Award given to the best receiver in football, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He failed to catch four of five targets in the preseason.

“If you look back at it, I jumped in the air when the ball got to me,” Chase said. “That means my eyes weren’t concentrated on the ball. I didn’t keep still. So that makes my eye adjustment for the ball move around.”

Chase opted out of the 2020 season, so he hasn’t played in 20 months. That could have played a part in his slow start. Chase also referenced the bigger ball the NFL uses that has different markings.

He catches 40 tennis balls a day to work on his hand-eye coordination, Chase said, and he also spends time with the JUGS football machine.

The Bengals maintain confidence in Chase, who still has confidence in himself despite his recent butterfingers.

“Everyone wants to see this and that, but I’m excited to show literally me, myself,” Chase said. “I’m excited to do what I came here to do.”

23 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase blames drops on lack of concentration

  1. Meanwhile, Jaylen Waddle has looked terrific. As a Dolphins fan who preferred Chase, we dodged a bullet!

  2. Uh, that’s not a good excuse? I’m surprised he said that out loud. You’ve been in a football factory of a school, and a big time player at that team. You’ve been thinking about plying your trade for great rewards and glory for years presumably and I don’t think that’s a reach to presume. And yet you can’t keep mind to task to its best result? I’m sorry id rather have heard he was intimidated by the playbook or something along those teething problems for the college to pro transition. Not the best look.. My lions have been the part of his what if with us drafting the Tackle Sewell who’s had issues switching to the right and his own growing pains. But I like his mindset and dedication and am glad Cincy took Chase. Wonder what Burrow is thinking as he worries about the pocket going forward as seems evident. Chase better start looking a better bet or man what a waste of a selection. IMO

  3. Just what a team that drafted you in the top 5
    & paid you to millions and millions of dollars wants to hear!

  4. Rookie jitters combined with a bursting bank account for the first time in his life.

    He didn’t forget how to catch unfortunately.

    A Miami fan.

  5. I would say this is due to missing all of last year. Barring any underlying health conditions he should’ve suited up for his team. He gambled and won (high draft pick). But I do believe John Ross was the last high picked WR for the Bengals and we know how that turned out. It’s not like then can find WRs anywhere like the Steelers.

  6. A whole 40 tennis balls a day huh? Well, clearly no man has ever worked harder to fix a problem.

    In other news, it takes my dog about 10 minutes to fetch and return 40 tennis balls each morning, so what is Chase doing the rest of the day?

  7. A whole 40 tennis balls a day huh? Well, clearly no man has ever worked harder to fix a problem.

  8. 40 tennis balls a day. Is that supposed to be impressive? At a slow rate of 3 per minute, that’s less than 15 minutes a day. Idk, whatever works I guess.

  9. As a Vikings fan I can relate. Our 1st round pick receiver pick following Randy Moss. After dropping everything Troy Williamson ended up saying he had discussed it with his Dr and determined he had hand/eye coordination issues. ……the other time I knew we made a mistake is when we signed an aged Donovan Mcnabb and he threw 50 passes in the dirt. Our coach said well we just need to work on his throwing mechanics as if he was a rookie.

  10. He sat out a year in fear he’d get hurt he’s rustybut even worse he’s lost confidence in
    his game i never trusted guys who sit out a year to get ready for the draft they are never
    team player types .

  11. He sat out year & apparently forgot how to catch, but remembers how to laugh all the way to the bank.

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