Patrick Peterson not happy about new rule stopping cornerbacks from going low vs. blockers

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The NFL significantly enhanced the rule against blocks below the waist this offseason, and Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson thinks it’s going to make life miserable for cornerbacks on running plays.

The new rule means that if an offensive lineman is attempting to block a defensive back, the defensive back can’t initiate contact below the waist. Given that offensive linemen are often 100 or more pounds heavier than defensive backs, Peterson says the only safe way to go at them is to hit them low, and that’s no longer an option.

We’re really gonna get smashed now,” Peterson told Peter King in Football Morning in America. “Imagine a 315-pound guard lead-blocking and running right at us. We gotta literally just almost stand there and take it, or try to fake them out and get around them to the ballcarrier. But I think a few of us [cornerbacks] are going to get leveled.”

Chiefs safety Will Parks was penalized for a low hit on an offensive lineman in the preseason, and that play served as a reminder both to defensive backs that they need to change the way they take on blockers, and to NFL offenses that it’s going to be easier to run to the outside, now that cornerbacks have fewer options when they see a pulling lineman barreling toward them.

13 responses to “Patrick Peterson not happy about new rule stopping cornerbacks from going low vs. blockers

  1. Rule changes continue to give offenses the advantage. The assumption is scoring equals excitement and excitement sells.

  2. I love Football, but I’ve always wondered why a base defense doesn’t have 5 lineman, just like the offense has 5 lineman? Hat on hat, all big guys accounted for. Then you have 6 on 6 basically.

  3. And this solves what problem? Too many cornerbacks getting crushed when taking on linemen low who them fall on them? Were linemen getting injured in these encounters or is this based in a desire to see more pints scored?

  4. I would absolutely hate to be a player in the secondary these days. Guys like Ronnie Lott and Ed Reed would have a tough time in today’s game!

  5. He’s right. This is a terrible rule that seriously handicaps defenses. We’re going to see more sweeps than ever this season as offenses try to exploit this rule.

  6. This rule is not very well thought out. So an offensive lineman can play 100% aggressive while as a defensive back, i have to think about not injuring the offensive lineman while still trying to make the play and give up 150lbs!? Im sorry, we have become such a soft society. 300lbs plus men supposed to be taken head on by dudes that weight a buck 90? (if that)

  7. In basketball, if a smaller player has position a large guy should not be allowed to simply bowl over him. That’s charging, but rarely called when there’s a size disparity.

    Conversely, in football, a large guy in-position should not be punished at the knees simply because his opponent is smaller.

  8. Offensive lineman cut block defenders all the time and snap fibulas; I’m surprised they don’t get rid of that at the same time as a leveler to safety and parity.

  9. Yep, this is more offensive advantage. You know what I’d like to see? “Holding, offense number 71, ten yard penalty. Automatic 3rd down!”

  10. On the flip side, this will really help the Vikings rushing attack with their zone scheme. Cook’s job just got a whole lot easier.

  11. I give it a year. First time a top corner gets blown up and is out for the year (week 2?), the rest will play bullfighter.

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