Zack Martin isn’t officially out, but it’s looking likely

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys
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The NFL won’t say who is and isn’t vaccinated. In many cases, the circumstances reveal who has and hasn’t gotten the vaccine.

For the Cowboys, it’s clear that guard Zack Martin is vaccinated. Because he’s vaccinated, he has a slim chance to play on Thursday night after testing positive for COVID on Saturday.

Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that Martin is as close to being ruled out as possible. This means that, in theory, he could generate a pair of negative results at least 24 hours apart.

Players who test positive without vaccination must miss a minimum of 10 days. There’s no minimum for vaccinated players, as long as the two negative tests are generated.

So there’s a glimmer of hope for Martin becoming available to play. But, as McCarthy acknowledged, it’s a long shot.

3 responses to “Zack Martin isn’t officially out, but it’s looking likely

  1. So my question here is what is the shortest time frame a vac player has had to sit out to get two negatives? Not debating vac/no vac, just would like to reasonably know about how long for players with vac? I’ve seen guys out 2-3 weeks with vac. Granted, that was before the season starts.

  2. Zach, you need to play and play well so to help remove McCarthy from the coaches “hot seat”

  3. This PCR testing picks up fragments of RNA and amplifies them. Typically the amplification is 40 cycles. The fragments picked up are not infectious. The only way to determine if a player has replicating virus in their body is to do a culture. No vaccinated player should be ruled out for a positive PCR test.

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