Antonio Brown gets sued for refusing to pay, apparently attempts to obscure the issue


Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown has a history of allegedly not paying what he owes, or at least not wanting to pay. The latest effort has resulted in a creative (at best) and frivolous (at worst) effort to throw mud at one of his former agents.

Based on an item from Daniel Kaplan of, KCB Marketing has sued Brown for commissions on $2.4 million in endorsement deals. In an attempt to avoid his obligation to pay the commissions (which does not seem to be disputed, based on Kaplan’s article), Brown claims that former agent Drew Rosenhaus hid his alleged involvement in the marketing agency and engaged in “double dealing.”

Brown’s lawyer accuses Rosenhaus of making money from his work as Brown’s football agent, and of making money from marketing work performed on behalf of Brown. However, as anyone who knows anything about this business realizes, agents routinely get paid for: (1) representing the player in negotiations with NFL teams; and (2) representing the player in negotiations with potential corporate partners and other endorsement opportunities.

It’s unclear what Brown is complaining about. Brown hired Rosenhaus to represent him for football purposes. Brown hired KCB Marketing to represent him for marketing purposes. He allegedly owes commissions on $2.4 million in marketing earnings. Regardless of whether Rosenhaus was or wasn’t involved with KCB Marketing, Brown owes the commissions.

“Winning this case for Antonio will be a win for athletes everywhere,” Brown’s lawyer told Kaplan. Again, it’s not clear what constitutes a victory — other than coming up with some cockamamie argument that could perhaps allow Brown to escape his obligation to pay what he owes. To that effort we say, “Good luck.”

23 responses to “Antonio Brown gets sued for refusing to pay, apparently attempts to obscure the issue

  1. Satan says:
    September 7, 2021 at 8:25 pm
    We can now add “deadbeat” to Antonio Brown’s growing list of personality flaws.


    It was already on the list.

  2. It looks like we have a common theme here. Whether you’re his agent, his trainer, the moving truck guy…when Antonio Brown wants to hire you for anything, JUST SAY NO.

    Brady invited this guy into his home with his wife and kids?

  3. So Florio, you don’t think it’s a bit dirty that Rosenhaus got paid to advise AB and then got a further kick-back on the back-end from someone he advised his client to work with?

    Sure sounds shady to me.

  4. Not a great look for Rosenhaus though. It may be fine legally but feels oily.

    “Ah, my best client. Come with me to look at this wonderful property. Yes, it does have a lot of swamp, but that is what is hot hot hot these days. Um. Who is the seller you ask? I think it is some guy named Rew Drosenhaus. Great, Great Guy. Sign here.”

  5. This dude amazes me. He has an opportunity to focus on football and try to stay out of the media for negative reasons, yet continually fails at the latter.

    So WHY should I have to pay you anything?? You’re lucky I don’t charge YOU FOR THAT PRIVILEGE!!!
    Man, the guy is just so delusional!!!

  7. Owes commissions on $2.4mm in endorsements, and now “Lawyers Fees” to boot, which will also undoubtedly not be paid when he loses the case…but hey, you got to rep AB, Mr. Kaplan, so you got that going for you, which is nice.

    And these agents/marketing reps are seriously paying AB without taking their fees out FIRST?

  8. Wait… you mean Super-Agent Drew Rosenhaus is a bit of a sleazy, self-interested character? Who knew?

  9. Brown is one of the most unlikeable people ever. Hopefully he gets everything coming to him…

  10. Brown does have a history, and not that I believe what he says until shown evidence, but if Rosenhaus had, and did not disclose, his relationship with a vendor (of services), I think Rosenhaus may have a problem. Normally you expect there is some type of small print disclaimer in the contract with Rosenhaus’ agency that Brown never read, but if not …

  11. At this point, I almost don’t blame AB. I blame him- but this has been happening for his ENTIRE NFL career. He doesn’t want to pay his bills, he doesn’t want to honor contracts, he’s extremely self-centered to the point of pathology. That is what he does.

    You would have to be crazy to try to go into business with him. And that’s my point- why would your experience with AB be any different than all the others? It took Tom-Freaking-Brady to fix AB’s NFL career, and even though things are fine now, who knows how long this will last?

    AB gonna AB. Don’t go into business with him unless you have a lawyer or two on retainer.

  12. The guy (AB) just screams train wreck waiting to happen upon retirement. I hope he gets it together in the couple years he has remaining before others get caught up in the impending derailment.

  13. So much for being on his best behavior. It was only a matter of time before his true persona reared its head again.

  14. Dude is disagreeable and argumentative about any and everything,from helmets to movers. Why would any team not see it will inevitably spill over to coaches,contracts,and any other parts of a ball club?

  15. It’s only a matter of time before he has another meltdown. He was able to keep himself under control for a season but that’ll be over as he feels like he can go back to doing whatever he wants. I’ll be surprised if he ends the season on the Bucs. Once they get rid of him, nobody will touch him.

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