JuJu Smith-Schuster: No buzz in locker room for Cam Newton

NFL: NOV 08 Panthers at Steelers
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Two years ago, the Steelers learned the hard way what happens if veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger makes an early exit due to injury. With Ben now 39, the in-house options not ideal, and Cam Newton available, it’s hard not to wonder whether it would make sense for the Steelers to make a play for Newton.

As receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster tells it, there’s no talk along those lines in the locker room.

“For myself and our locker room there’s no talks about that,” Smith-Schuster told PFT on Tuesday. “I know Cam’s situation is tough for him but at the end of the day just focusing on the guys who are in my locker room. And just wishing Cam nothing but the best. He’s a great player. He’s definitely going to get picked up.”

Some wonder whether he will. The Steelers are one of the few places where he could arrive as a backup without threatening the starter, simply with his presence. But there’s still no buzz regarding a new destination for Cam.

Indeed, in the week since he became available, there’s been zero buzz about him landing anywhere.

16 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster: No buzz in locker room for Cam Newton

  1. “And just wishing Cam nothing but the best..” so the best maybe with the Steeler. you never know

  2. Cam is washed. He was cut in favor of a rookie. We all saw how he performed for the Patriots last season…he’s done.

  3. Seems the Texans should consider signing Newton , as insurance if/when Tyrod Taylor gets hurt.

  4. Don’t they already have a backup QB on the roster that can’t hit the broadside of a barn? Ya don’t need two.

  5. Mason Rudolph could step in if Ben goes down. No team is picking up a guy off the streets that has never opened their playbook, and putting him in at QB. Mason Rudolph is a good QB. Like any other young QB, including Josh Allen, they need a certain amount of reps. Midway through last season there were still lots of people questioning Josh Allen. Rudolph doesn’t have anywhere near the number of NFL starts that it takes most great QB’s to get everything ironed out. Cam Newton joined a super bowl team and they went 7-9. If the Steelers thought they needed a better backup, they’d have one.

  6. Cam Newton simply is no longer a good NFL QB. While he had a strong arm, he never had an accurate one. Now with his past shoulder injuries and surgery, he no longer has a strong arm either. You can’t be an NFL QB if you can’t throw the ball. Add to his declining skills and injury history, his lack of leadership and history of pouting during primetime losses – It is obvious at this point that Newton’s career is over, he will be lucky to find a backup spot.

  7. Has anyone seen Cam’s TD passes last year? 8 TD passes. 82.9 Rating. 177 yds p/g.
    C’mon Man……..

  8. He’s a shell of his former self at best. Someone will pick him up though after the 1st weeks games. NFL contracts are not guaranteed if signing after week 1.

  9. Just think how Belichick managed to squeeze 7 wins with Cam. He should have been coach of the year just for that accomplishment.

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