Mike McCarthy still isn’t ruling out Zack Martin for Thursday night

Dallas Cowboys v Houston Texans
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In two days, the Cowboys play the Bucs. Pro Bowl guard Zack Martin will — or won’t — play, after testing positive on Saturday for COVID. Dallas coach Mike McCarthy still isn’t ruling Martin out, even though McCarthy basically did just that on Sunday.

Martin can return if he generates negative COVID tests at least 24 hours apart between now and Thursday.

”If there was a player who can do it, Zack would be in that group of players,” McCarthy told reporters on Monday, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

It’s an odd statement, since this isn’t like playing through injury. Martin either tests positive or he doesn’t. Martin’s will or drive or whatever have nothing to do with it.

Not even Dwight Schrute who can raise and lower his cholesterol (he raises it so that he can lower it), can make himself test negative for COVID. Martin may be able to do many things, but he can’t making himself test negative for COVID.

22 responses to “Mike McCarthy still isn’t ruling out Zack Martin for Thursday night

  1. Based on what Jerry said Monday I guess he’s not going to rule him out, you don’t want to cross or contradict Dr. Jones. McCarthy won’t do anything without Jerry giving him the greenlight.

  2. “It’s an odd statement, since this isn’t like playing through injury”
    No one has ever accused McCarthy of knowing what hes talking about so why should this be different.

  3. But the statement seems to confirm that Martin isn’t showing any symptoms, probably feels great and that testing positive for covid usually…..usually…..doesn’t mean anything bad is going to happen to you.

  4. So according to CDC guidance, last summer – when we had people testing positive for covid, we were told we could allow them to return to work after 10 days and 48 hours of symptom free behavior. That we were not supposed to send them for a covid test, because they could test positive for a period of time after they were no longer contagious.

    Did something change? Cause, I dont understand how anyone is going to test negative 2x in 48 hours after having caught it.

  5. From what I understand it has more to do with testing negative twice and then getting to Tampa since the team flight is on Wednesday and he won’t be able to test twice prior to the flight, so he would have to come separate… if it were a home game for Dallas there would be less of an issue as long as he tested negative (twice).

  6. I told ya’ll that Jerruh would be making a phone call to Roger at the headquarters in NYC, didn’t I?

  7. Hey…. If anyone could make themselves test negative for the Wuhan Virus, it’s Dwight Shrute.

  8. watched a hard knocks episode. owner and coach came across as phony macho act trying to impress an assembalage of simpletons. don’t need physicists but think this bunch underperforms – yet again.

  9. Ya otherwise his star running back might not get 50 yards. He almost always runs behind Martin who makes him who he is.

  10. The cliche “we’ll make them prepare for everything” ZZZZzzzzzzz
    It doesn’t make any difference.

  11. Jerry is bringing in a veterinarian with a bag full of that stuff that they give horses

  12. The man has some symptoms. Seriously if he’s got even a slightly lower blood oxygen % or a slightly lowered stamina don’t put him out there. Not for any competitive reason. But as has been commented he may be one of the teams very best players don’t put him out there if he’s not ready. The trenches are not a place for a person recovering from this thing, give him some time so he’s the all pro he plays like not a diminished copy. Just my opinion.

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