Ravens signing Le’Veon Bell to practice squad

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Le'Veon Bell faced the Ravens many times while he was a member of the Steelers and he may get a chance to play for his former AFC North rivals soon.

Bell worked out for the Ravens on Monday and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Ravens are signing him to their practice squad. Schefter adds that Bell is expected to be moved to the active roster “when ready,” although that plan could change if things don’t go as hoped during upcoming practices.

The Ravens lost J.K. Dobbins to a torn ACL in their final preseason game and Justice Hill to a torn Achilles in a recent practice. Gus Edwards and Ty'Son Williams are the other backs on the roster and there currently is not a back on the practice squad.

Bell opened last season with the Jets and hurt his hamstring in Week One. After a stint on injured reserve, he returned for one game and then got released after appearing to air his desire for a trade on social media. He signed with the Chiefs and ran 63 times for 254 yards and two touchdowns before falling out of the lineup in the final weeks of the season.


46 responses to “Ravens signing Le’Veon Bell to practice squad

  1. The great Le’Veon Bell is on a practice squad. Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid, and John Harbaugh are all super bowl winners. He couldn’t make the roster on any of the teams. Yeah, I know. It was all Mike Tomlin’s fault.

  2. Keep the Bus healthy and the team will be fine at running back … it’s a shame he can’t throw.

  3. If he submits to coaching, works hard and does his job, he may have enough left to play really well, thus convincing yet another team to break the bank. High reward low risk move for the Ravens.

  4. He’s there for his in-person insight into what it’s like being on a team that passes the football…

  5. The Ravens are designed to be run heavy – from the scheme to the roster. If there was ever a place for a RB to revitalize his career this is it. I am not a fan of the move but he’s getting a great opportunity here.

  6. Ravens sure do love to go after Steelers players. Went all in for JuJu when he was a free agent. I’m sure they had their eye on LeVeon all along – just trying out other guys as a smoke screen.

  7. If it was his agent that told him to sit out his last year in Pittsburgh, its got to be the worst advice ever. He’s done nothing since.

  8. When you’re the #1 RB in the NFL and your team offers you a deal to make you the #1 paid RB (even if its not what u want) TAKE IT!!!! Look at Le’Veon Bell’s career since he rejected the Steelers. He would’ve made more in signing bonus that he has the past 4 years… now he’s on the PRACTICE SQUAD???!!!

    Kids, don’t be like Le’Veon…

  9. rene7 says:
    September 7, 2021 at 8:02 pm
    Ravens sure do love to go after Steelers players. Went all in for JuJu when he was a free agent. I’m sure they had their eye on LeVeon all along – just trying out other guys as a smoke screen.

    Yep. Like after they cut Johnny Unitas!!!

  10. spartan01

    I had a lot of respect for Dez taking the same approach. He showed humility by taking the practice squad route hoping to make the 53 when lots of players who were once near the top of the league wouldn’t have been able to swallow their pride and do the same. I’m no fan of Bell but I’d be a hypocrite to not have the same feeling about him taking this path.

    Then again, maybe I’m naive in assuming that’s the thought process at play here but I’m just a random rube.

  11. Hasn’t been the same since his time with the Steelers. The one season he sat out, then the worthless time with the Jets. He got his money but seems like he lost something inside that drove him to be the best. If he makes the active roster with the Ravens, I doubt he’ll have the kind of impact anyone expects to see. That L. Bell is long gone.

  12. Uhhhh…I believe LB stated it was all Andy Reid’s fault. Past that, he has nothing left in the tank. It was unbelievable how slow he was last year for the Chiefs.

  13. MWA HAHAHHAHA! As a Browns fan my plan is working perfectly! Have the Ravens sign Bell only to let Bell rot away the team with his poor attitude!!

  14. What if PITTSBURGH would have signed him to their practice squad???

    Hypothetically laughing,,,

  15. Bell must be desperate to agree to join the practice squad. I wonder how long it’ll be until he starts complaining about not getting the ball since Lamar is getting twenty carries a game and Bell is only getting five.

  16. Reporter asking Le’Veon about being on the practice squad,,,

    Le’Veon response???

    We’re talking about practice???
    Y’all wants to talk to me about practice,,,

  17. Sounds like their giving Bell the same chance they gave Dez Bryant last yr which was sign to the practice squad and workout/get in shape and possibly be moved to active roster on game days.

  18. How does Adrian Peterson not have a job? He’s been serviceable the past few years with Wash and Detroit. He could certainly help a team this year for the vet minimum.

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