Cam Newton promises to get “a lot of things” off his chest, but that it won’t be a retirement speech


Cam Newton hasn’t said much since being cut by the Patriots eight days ago. On Instagram, Newton has said that, come Friday, he’ll have something to say.

Newton apparently does a periodic video dubbed “Funky Friday.” He has posted on Wednesday a video teasing the next installment.

“On this week’s Funky Friday, I have a lot of things that I need to get off my chest,” Newton said. “This is not a retirement speech, and I have a lot of football still in me.”

The video is interesting. What does he have to get off his chest? Clearly, he plans to keep playing. And that’s fine.

The question is where will he play? In the time since he has been cut, there has been no buzz about his next destination. And if he decides to complain directly or indirectly about the Patriots in his upcoming video, that could make a new team less inclined to pursue him.

35 responses to “Cam Newton promises to get “a lot of things” off his chest, but that it won’t be a retirement speech

  1. Someone who knows him well needs to intervene here.

    The guy is cooked beyond belief and he doesn’t realize it. Awkward.

    If he was highly sought after and there wasn’t a pandemic, he never would have been on the Pats.

  2. I have a feeling that he would be better of taking the high road. All that Cam has to do is watch some film of his Patriots games, and he will see one of the biggest reasons as to why he was cut.

  3. His agent saw this and said – Geez Cam – this is why you can’t get a job….couldn’t you keep your mouth shut until you are under contract?!

    Who needs the drama

  4. Maybe he is announcing that since his passing ability is gone, that he will try out next year as a Tight End.

  5. It will take a starter going down with a catastrophic injury for Cam to get another shot. The harsh reality of Football.

  6. So Cam says he wants to get a lot of things off his chest, and that he still has a lot of football left. The fact that he doesn’t appear to realise that having an emotional outpouring on social media might hinder his attempts to get another job is… telling.

  7. Im just not sure what team lacks a QB and has a team good enough to want to bring on Cam Newton to take them over the top, if he even can.

  8. There’s no “buzz” about his next destination because there’s about 30 unemployed qbs out there better than him.

  9. Hopefully he stays classy but that word has never been attached to him in the past so we will see.

  10. Are we about to get a dose of the REAL Cam Newton? It had to be killing him to try to be something that he’s really not in NE…a mature adult who says and does all the right things. He was only kissing up to Bill.

  11. He should be appreciative that the Pats gave him an opportunity, he just wasn’t that good.

  12. Not sure what he has to get off his chest…he pretty much has said it all either through his horrible play or his unwillingness to get vaccinated & risk being unavailable if or e we hen possibly needed….
    He apparently has a bunch of good qualities but for him MOST of them don’t pertain to being a desirable NFL QB when on the field where it matters most….
    I’m actually really not that interested in what he believes he has to say as I’ve moved on to the future which is Mac & the current roster & have let the past go which, quite frankly, was not really all that enjoyable watching unfold under his leadership….I do appreciate him trying, especially during a really messed up year, but it is what it is & he just didn’t do a very good job at all on MULTIPLE levels & from what what he did this off season was show no improvement whatsoever in his abilities to be counted on or productive to the direction the team & offense was built to do on an ongoing process that would allow it to be all it could & should be going FORWARD….
    Go Mac, Go Patriots….& good luck Cam in YOUR FUTURE wherever that may take you…

  13. Newton’s attitude has always been an albatross around his neck. This one’s on you, Cam.

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