Dolphins five captains don’t include Tua Tagovailoa

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Tua Tagovailoa may be Miami’s quarterback. He’s not one of the team captains.

The Dolphins announced five captains on Wednesday. On offense, the two captains are receiver Mack Hollins and offensive lineman Jess Davis.

The others are linebacker Elandon Roberts, defensive back Jason McCourty, and safety Clayton Fejedelem.

The players voted on the captains. Some will say it’s no big deal that Tua didn’t get a C on his jersey. Others will say that the quarterback position requires leadership, and that if that leadership doesn’t inspire enough teammates to vote for the player to get the C on his jersey, something may be lacking in the leadership department.

The vote comes just as rumors and reports linking the Dolphins to Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson have subsided. Although the chatter has decreased, it hasn’t gone away. Whether and to what extent Tua performs well to start the season could go a long way toward slamming the door — or swinging it open.

Last week on PFT Live, that’s the spot where Simms and I eventually landed. Tua should react to the chatter the way someone like Tom Brady would. Get pissed. Play well. Make them not want Watson because they realize you’re as good if not better.

First up for Tua is the Patriots, in only four days. Next, the Bills. Then the Raiders and the Colts, following by a short trip to Tampa and a long trip to England to play the Jaguars.

The ultimate deadline for a 2021 trade happens the Tuesday after Week Eight. By then, the Dolphins will know whether Tua has taken the step that he needs to take to end the Watson talk for good. Or at least until March.

15 responses to “Dolphins five captains don’t include Tua Tagovailoa

  1. As a Dolphins fan, I’m only upset about Jerome Baker not being a Captain. He plays hard on every down, watch the film if you haven’t heard of him. Very underrated.

  2. Instead of “Tank for Tua” this year’s theme should be “Tank with Tua.” Then next year they can try again to get a bigtime QB.

  3. I’m very surprised. Doesn’t matter who he is or what team, the starting QB is one of the team’s leaders. This pretty much acknowledges that this summer’s positive talk about Tua has all been bs.

  4. Do you see who the captains actually are? These are all fringe players aside from Elandon Roberts. Being a captain means squat in the NFL, same as in college, and high school. You go out for a coin toss and that’s it. That’s not leadership lol

  5. There’s something very telling about the dolphins treatment of Tua, It’s like they’re vaguely saying they don’t like them.

  6. Respect is earned. Tua just needs to stay focused, work hard and his teammates will respect him. The same way Patriots veterans respect Mac Jones.

  7. Tua doesn’t seem ready to lead a NFL team to the playoffs. The Dolphins management already seem to know this.

  8. Herbert, Hurts, Burrow are 2nd year QBs that were named captain. Ya, something is up in Miami. Tua will just have to go out there and earn his gold star for next season in MIA or HOU.

  9. The Dolphins had a chance to draft a QB and instead traded the pick.
    If Tua is not the franchise QB then that set them back a few years.
    They won’t have a top pick in 2022, unless Tuas horrible.

  10. Tua not being named might be coach’s way of saying he still has to prove it. Was Cam team captain last year? If he wasn’t why not? If he was where is he now? QB Mac Jones captain? Read what you want into it but I like who Flores picked so far.

  11. Member when the dolphins theme for one draft was selecting captains? I member…I wanna wait until I see Tua ball this year before I throw my stones 😎

  12. 1 Tua has said he turned it down. He said he cares more about W’s than C’s. Obviously so did a lot of other players on the team. As said above almost every Captain is a non starter or fringe player.

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