Duane Brown, Russell Wilson cleared the air after Wilson expressed frustration at getting hit

Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills
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There was a question immediately after last season about whether Russell Wilson would play for the Seahawks in 2021. Left tackle Duane Brown said he believed the quarterback would return, and months later, he didn’t doubt his presence in the lineup.

The Seahawks reworked Brown’s deal, ending his hold-in this week.

All is well in Seattle: Wilson is happy. Brown is happy.

Wilson publicly went to bat for Brown, while the veteran tackle was seeking an adjustment to his deal.

It meant a lot. Russ is my guy,” Brown said Wednesday. “It meant a lot to me. He didn’t have to do that. His legacy here is set in stone. It just goes to show how much he appreciates the work I put in. I love the guy. That’s another reason I said I never wanted to miss any games, because I wanted to be out there for him as well.”

Their relationship has come a long way since Wilson expressed frustration in February at the team’s inability to protect him. Wilson has taken 394 sacks in his nine seasons, including 47 in 2020. He was sacked a league-high 48 times in 2019 and took a career-high 51 in 2018.

Brown joined the Seahawks in a trade from Houston in 2017.

“Of course, I did,” Brown said when asked whether he had talked to Wilson after the quarterback’s comments. “You guys saw what came out. I had to talk him. We had a good conversation. Obviously, there was some stuff said after the Super Bowl. We talked about it. It was a good talk.”

Brown said they FaceTimed and worked it out.

“As an offensive lineman, that’s something I take pride in, keeping my quarterback clean. So you hated to hear it, but at the same time I think a lot of that stuff, his thoughts and feelings dated from before I was here,” Brown said. “He feels how he feels. It’s a group effort to not have sacks. It’s not just on us, and I think we’re all aware of that. I’m the first person to go off whenever I see him get hit. He knows that, and everyone knows that. So just trying not to make that a thing this year.

Brown said he and Wilson are on “good terms” heading into the 2021 season.

“There’s never been any beef or bad blood between me and him,” Brown said. “He stood on the table for me before I got here. It’s all good.”

2 responses to “Duane Brown, Russell Wilson cleared the air after Wilson expressed frustration at getting hit

  1. Well Brown isnt the weak link on Seattles line so it wasnt like Wilson was pointing the finger directly at him instead Brown was just lumped in

  2. People won’t agree with me now, but by the end of the season everybody will– Wilson is getting old. He can’t run like he did and his passing ability has dropped considerably.

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