Jameis Winston grateful for his second chance as a starter

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
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Jameis Winston‘s last NFL start came Dec. 29, 2019, when he played for the Buccaneers against the Falcons. On Sunday, Winston officially will become Drew Brees’ successor.

Saints coach Sean Payton named Winston the team’s starter last week, picking the former No. 1 overall choice over Taysom Hill.

It’s just fun,” Winston said Wednesday, via John DeShazier of the team website. “It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing to have this opportunity to lead the pack, and I’m just grateful for it. It’s been more than a year removed for me having the opportunity, and I’m not taking anything for granted. I’m just blessed and grateful.”

Hill started the four games Brees missed last season, and the Saints went 3-1. Winston saw action in four regular-season games in 2020 and threw a 56-yard touchdown in the postseason.

Winston opted to re-sign with the Saints in the offseason to compete with Hill for the starting job. He sealed it when he started the second preseason game and went 9-of-10 for 123 yards and two touchdowns against Jacksonville.

“It felt great,” Winston said of being named the starter. “I think the whole training camp, we made each other better and this team grew while we were competing. I was blessed to get the nod, and I’m just grateful for that. I’m grateful for my teammates for pushing me. I’m grateful for Taysom for pushing me and us helping each other get better.”

Winston, 27, made 70 career starts in his five seasons in Tampa. He will make his first start for the Saints on Sunday against the Packers in a game moved to Jacksonville because of Hurricane Ida.

“I wish we were running out in the Superdome, but I’m just going to be excited to play against another opponent for four quarters and play some good football,” Winston said.

23 responses to “Jameis Winston grateful for his second chance as a starter

  1. Good luck and take advantage of the opportunity. Best place to resurrect your career. Who Dat Nation is behind you and the whole team! Make us proud in Jacksonville. See you in the Dome week 4! Geaux Saints!

  2. I’m not gonna write him off. Super immature, but reminds me of a Brett Fabre when he was young. I believe he might actually be growing up a bit.

  3. Maybe he has matured. Anyway, Americans loves to tear down a star but better yet love the redemption of the fallen. Salud Jameis.

  4. He may find it a tad more difficult Sunday night to shine like he did in the preseason.my prediction is that Taysom Hill will be the starter by week four.

  5. I think he has a decent year. If he can keep the ints down he could have a big year. They are gonna need Thomas to get healthy and get in line though.

  6. QBs that have bad habits for several years don’t usually just grow out of it…
    In the heat of battle, a person must rely on instinct because the game is so fast pace…

    JW will inevitably revert back to throwing 50/50 passes and if his receivers aren’t top talent, many pick will come just as they always have since his college days!

    If just anyone could be molded into NFL quality qb, there would not be such a vast number of BUSTS at that position…
    It would be a shocker if he is QB the second half of the season!

  7. I don’t understand all the hate for Winston. Other then too many ints, he’s done nothing to warrant it. The guy has lots of talent, if you don’t see it, you don’t watch football.

  8. The problem that has always plagued Jameis Winston in his career,is his innate ability to throw the ball to the other team. Not a good trait to have in your starting QB.

  9. He threw 30int with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. He doesn’t have much if anything at WR with Thomas out.

  10. I am looking forward to this Saints season. I love Drew Brees and his pinpoint accuracy and he will always be my favorite all time QB. However Winston is about to shut a bunch a folks up as he runs Sean Paytons system. He no longer is going to be asked to do the impossible and has a great offensive line, run game and a stellar defense. Let the Saints be a dark horse this year. I love the underdog role. They will go deep this year and maybe further than previous years. I see them taking a big step up with a young QB with a year of tutaledge under Drew Brees and Sean Payton and Lasik surgery. I love his attitude and I thing he has matured not only as a QB but also as a person.

  11. Jason Harshman says:
    September 9, 2021 at 12:27 pm
    He threw 30int with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. He doesn’t have much if anything at WR with Thomas out.

    He now does not have an enabler coach. He will be benched if he reverts to backyard football where every play call is “go long” and “jump high”.

  12. wintercoates87 says:
    I don’t understand all the hate for Winston. Other then too many ints, he’s done nothing to warrant it. The guy has lots of talent, if you don’t see it, you don’t watch football.

    As someone who has been watching football since possibly before you were born I offer the following rebuttals:
    1. In the case of Jameis Winston, saying “other than too many ints” is akin to saying “other than the iceberg, the Titanic had a smooth voyage.” There are far too many to simply brush aside;
    2. He does have lots of talent and a strong arm. But talent alone doesn’t mean all that much when you put up a ton of meaningless stats and lead a lot of 10-play scoring drives, only to continually cancel out those points by throwing yet another pick-six — many because he either can’t read defenses, isn’t patient enough to go through his progressions, or both.
    Despite his gaudy passing numbers, Winston’s win-loss record with a fairly talented Tampa Bay team was strong evidence of that.
    Talent alone can get him eight or nine victories, but he’ll cost his team several games with multiple interceptions and other boneheaded plays. You don’t win championships or even get to Super Bowls playing that way.
    That’s not “hate,” merely well-earned criticism.

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