Jon Gruden on Mike Mayock: I think we work well together

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The Raiders expect to be better in 2021, with General Manager Mike Mayock saying recently that the club needs to make the playoffs this season.

Head coach Jon Gruden didn’t go quite that far in an interview this week with Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, saying he’s not going to make predictions. But Gruden also said he’s not feeling pressure as Week One approaches.

This is now the third year Gruden and Mayock have worked together. In that same interview, Gruden characterized his relationship with Mayock as “real good.”

“Real competitive. I think we work well together,” Gruden told Bonsignore. “I’m not going to speak for him, and we’re not going to agree on everything all the time. But we do, professionally, agree on what decision is made. I appreciate his work ethic. I’m excited about coming in here every day and seeing him. We have a lot of fun. A lot of laughs.”

The team has gotten mixed results from their drafts, with running back Josh Jacobs and defensive end Maxx Crosby excelling from their first 2019 class. But the No. 4 overall pick from that year, Clelin Ferrell, won’t enter this season as a starter. Cornerback Damon Arnette, the No. 19 overall pick last year, will also enter the season as a backup.

Plus, two of the Las Vegas’ three third-round picks from 2020 — Lynn Bowden and Tanner Muse — never played a snap for the team.

None of that means the Raiders won’t make the 2021 postseason. But if Las Vegas isn’t competitive, then the missed draft picks could be a reason for the team to make a change.

14 responses to “Jon Gruden on Mike Mayock: I think we work well together

  1. I’m not sure Iv ever seen in my several decades of following the NFL and draft so much attention and criticism over a couple third round picks.

  2. Mayock should avoid buses, because he is about to get thrown under one even though Gruden has final say on all roster decisions.

  3. The problem is QB. Two teams, KC & now the Chargers, have superior QBs in their own division. Denver has struggled the same way since Manning left. The drafts are a problem but if they had Maholmes or Herbert it wouldn’t matter.

  4. Gruden has guaranteed very long term contract and complete control. He also stays out of them public eye on roster moves and Mayock is the mouthpiece on that. Take a guess who will take the fall for the poor roster. And guess who will continue to coach and hire the new gm when the day comes.

  5. That means chucky will throw mayok under the bus in 3 2 1…along with carr..then another rebuild so he can collect his 100 million salary..talking head..should’ve more to Toronto sooner than later… 4th in own division this year and next 10…

  6. At this point can we call it a colossal failure ? Can we avoid the ‘smell fear’ and jealousy of the long term winner comments? You have done nothing with your top picks – Jacobs might be the best and he’s just above average RB in a passing league.

    You’ll be battling the Broncos for 3rd

  7. “We work well together.” If the team fails to make the playoffs – “We have to shake up the front office because we just weren’t on the same page.”

  8. Him and Mayock both sound like Coach Bill Peterson.

    Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only…….. Super Bowl.

  9. The Raiders only had one winning season in the 15 years or so before Gruden’s return, and the cupboard was completely bare. The team has improved every year since he’s been back. He’s building it the right way. Just Win Baby!

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