Kliff Kingsbury on pressure to win: After being fired by your alma mater, not much fazes you

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said in a recent interview that he has “no doubt” that the Cardinals are a playoff team and that is his expectation for Kliff Kingsbury’s third season as their head coach.

Should the Cardinals fall short of reaching that goal, much of the blame will fall on Kingsbury’s shoulders and that could be enough for the Cardinals to look in a different direction at head coach in 2022. On Wednesday, Kingsbury said that there’s pressure to win in the NFL every year and agreed that the Cardinals were “put together to win now” before adding that he’s not thrown by having that weight on his shoulders.

“I think going through being the head coach at your alma mater and getting fired, it’s kind of walking through fire in this profession,” Kingsbury said, via Josh Weinfuss of ESPN.com. “So, after going through that, not too much really fazes you.”

Kingsbury won’t be the only person in Arizona under the microscope if this season doesn’t play out as planned, but that won’t make it any easier to navigate his way to a fourth season without a playoff trip under his belt.

9 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury on pressure to win: After being fired by your alma mater, not much fazes you

  1. Toughest division in NFL this year, and therefore a difficult schedule. They HAVE to win all the easier games to have any shot at all. Gonna go 3-3 in division.

  2. They will be cleaning house. Stacked their roster with high priced free agents who are past their prime. GM, coach and a lot of the roster will be gutted very soon.

  3. That will leave him and Steve Keim with even more time to spend in the scottsdale nightlife. They spend more time there than the office.

  4. Should have gone with a better QB and you may have had a better chance…
    Cards will be one of those teams looking to ‘change directions’ at the end of this season!

  5. Toughest division:

    49ers = fools gold
    Cards = will fold
    Seahawks = window closed
    Rams = likely win it with ease…

    I’d agree more with overrated division…

  6. I have no skin in the game but the Cards are a fun team to watch. Their running game is questionable as is the defense. Losing Peterson could make them worse, even if it was just on reputation. However, a 3rd year QB who appears to be very talented seems to be hitting the sweet spot.
    Adding Watt to an already above average front 7 makes me think they’ll make strides this season. 10-6 at worst, splitting the division at 3-3 is my prediction.
    But their secondary will have to produce 25 turnovers.

  7. as head coach of his alma mater, Texas tech waited one season too many to fire him. He’s at best an offensive coordinator if not a QB coach.

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