Nick Caserio: We’ll recalibrate as we go with Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Texans head coach David Culley said on Monday that Tyrod Taylor is the team’s starting quarterback for the first week of the regular season, which doesn’t come as much surprise given the way the offseason, training camp, and preseason played out.

Deshaun Watson remains on the active roster, but hasn’t practiced or done other on-field work with the team while looking for a trade and dealing with a slew of civil lawsuits from masseuses alleging misconduct on Watson’s part. The Texans have not done anything to keep Watson away from the team as they’ve opted to say they’re taking a day-to-day approach to things with the quarterback.

That doesn’t appear to be changing with the season about to start. General Manager Nick Caserio was on Sports Radio 610 on Wednesday and stuck to the party line that the Texans will just continue to evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis.

“I wouldn’t anticipate him playing Sunday and we’ll recalibrate here as we go,” Caserio said.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote last week that nothing will change with the Texans until someone meets Caserio’s high asking price for a trade. It seems unlikely anyone will hit that price while the legal issues remain unresolved and that should make for a lot more chances for people in the Texans organization to offer variations on the day-to-day theme that they’ve adopted with the quarterback.

15 responses to “Nick Caserio: We’ll recalibrate as we go with Deshaun Watson

  1. Ummmmm, what? NFL QB’s are not car engines last time I checked. We’ll see how that strategy works out for them…

  2. After this much time has passed if he committed a crime then charge him. If not move on already.

  3. As soon as a contender loses its starting QB, Caserio’s phone will start ringing. May not get the offer he wants but you never know.

  4. This remains the most ridiculous situation in football. This is your legacy Caserio……..quite a downfall from being a Patriot. LOL LOL

  5. Why should Houston be in a rush to trade him? If nobody is offering fall value with his pending lawsuits then why not wait until the settlements clear?

    Why doesn’t he rescind his trade request and play out the contract he signed?

  6. Tough to offer much for Watson when you don’t know if/when he’ll wind up on the Commissioner’s list, or worse. It’s not like teams have a ton of cap space to work with either, although Watson would only be a $10MM or so cap hit this year. Watson would also need to get up to speed with a new scheme, which subtracts from his value for a team this year.

    All that points to if Houston is firm in the high price they want for Watson, no deal gets done this year.

  7. msc4realeagles says:

    September 8, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Ummmmm, what? NFL QB’s are not car engines last time I checked. We’ll see how that strategy works out for them…

    More than just car engines can be recalibrated…

  8. They definitely want this guy gone before the trade deadline but as the season begins, teams has much less time to work the phones with Houston. They may have missed their window to deal him this year.

  9. 6 Months and nothing has happened, but some legal posturing by the two lawyers. I understand that law suits can take a long time to process while moving through the legal system, but there are criminal charges also. So, what is the hold up?

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