Ben Roethlisberger: Offense is going to have growing pains

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Steelers looked sharp offensively in Ben Roethlisberger‘s only work of the preseason, but the quarterback doesn’t believe that is a clear preview of what will happen once they hit the field against the Bills this Sunday.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada installed a new system this offseason and the team overhauled its offensive line this offseason. Two rookies will be part of that line and two others are in prominent spots in the offense, which led Roethlisberger to say on Wednesday that the unit “may not be pretty early.”

“Like anything, there’s going to be growing pains,” Roethlisberger said, via Brian Batko of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We’re all going to experience them. Even someone in his 18th season is going to experience growing pains. The key is, do we learn from those growing pains? How often do those pains come?”

Facing the Bills on the road is a stiff first test for the Steelers on both sides of the field, but, given the changes and the way last season ended, the offensive performance is likely to draw more scrutiny after Week One.

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  1. The Steelers have had some amazing offensive talent over the years, including Roethlisberger.
    Everything comes to an end, though, Ben is finished as a high level QB and combined with the sudden drop off in Oline talent they are going to struggle all year.
    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Tomlin to coach these guys up,either.

  2. Considering Ben considers a 10 yd throw his deep ball thinking there’s going to more problems then just growing pains to impact the offense .

  3. Oh c/mon, you coulda said “humiliating playoff loss at home to the Browns” as a reminder lol

  4. Sounds like a smart veteran. Would you rather have him come out and say we’re going to dominate the Bills?

  5. Translation – there’s going to be a lot of drama and I’m going to throw a lot of picks

  6. They will find out quickly starting off with Buffalo. If the Defense can keep them in games they should be OK, but much depends on the Offensive Line being legit.

  7. I actually think Ben may be better than last season. Tomlin, there is no hope. He’s won with talent. When the game comes down to coaching decision or clock management the Steelers lose nearly every time.

  8. Kevin Colbert waited until the third round to draft a starting center, and by all accounts, Kendrick Green has struggled. It’ll be interesting to see how the rookies on the O line perform.

  9. I would expect the Steelers to be just fine this season, and be somewhere in the mix in the AFC North.Yes there are always growing pains when you make changes. Roethlisberger is a veteran that still can play, and Tomlin is a top tier coach.Every season can be great or bad or somewhere in between, we will just have to wait and see.

  10. Go ask the Bucs about their o-line starting last year. They struggled but with continuity, they gelled. The good thing for the Steelers is that you have a Veteran QB, a talented running back, and a defense that will keep you in games. If the offense doesn’t turn the ball over as we did in the last game against the Browns, the chance is there to keep the games close.
    Mike Tomlin can be frustrating at times, but I believe that is sometimes due to him giving Ben too much responsibility. Tomlin has done his best coaching when Ben is hurt or when the team is counted out. So many people think the Steelers will be bad this year, well they taught so last year, and we started 11 and 0. Just glad the season starts today. I can’t wait for Sunday.

  11. It’s a long season. Growing pains now is fine. The bucs had them last year. Lets just not have them in Jan/Feb like the Steelers did last year. Run the ball more often and cut down on the mistakes.

  12. The offense has undeniably improved at RB, TE, and WR (young and talented group one year older). The worst O-lime in the league last year has been completely revamped. They may or may not not be great, but they will be better than last year. And they have a QB who won 12 games with 33 touchdown’s and only 10 picks while carrying the league’s worst running game. The absolute funniest off-season storyline has been the demise of Ben Roethlisberger. He carried the offense on his back last year with zero help from the running game. Every pass had to be a quick release because the o-line couldn’t block anybody. Everyone thinks these QB’s who can’t seem to win 8 games (Watson, Herbert, Stafford, Ryan, etc) are better than Ben. Good luck with that. I’ll take the guy who always wins more than he loses and still won 12 times last year. The Steelers D is still formidable as well. This team will win between 11 and 13 games this year, win the division (again), and be in the super bowl chase come January.

  13. Lots of talk about drama, Bens old age, and Tomlins in ability to coach. What is missing are facts and proof to back up these trollish comments. Tomlin hasn’t had a losing season since he became head coach and during that time only Belicheat has a better record….and had a losing season. The commenters are the same haters and click baiting yahoo’s that get their kicks from saying stupid things from the safety of a keyboard. It is getting very old and far to frequent for some of these clowns and Steeler fans are tired of it.

  14. Let’s give Ben one last chance to win it all.Install a new system. Brilliant! This is the end of the Steelers as we’ve known them unless they are trying to tank.

  15. Big Ben has been a great player and is a future HOFer, but looked like he had a noodle arm last season. It may improve a little after offseason rest and training, but his best days are definitely behind him.

  16. Big Ben has been very good keeping Steelers in games and winning by going off script on broken plays. I’ve seen way too many of them. Buffalo will be a test, but Big Ben, Juju, Johnson, Claypool, and now Harris give them a good chance. I expect several good teams to look troubled in week one with all the veteran days off, minimal pre-season play, and Covid related issues.

  17. I expect the Steelers to beat the Bills. The Bills are going to be distracted with the potential move and Stadium issue. I think the Bills are in for a step back this year. COVID can knock Allen and Beasley out at any moment

  18. Don’t delude yourselves. The Bills are going to crush the Steelers Sunday. At the end of last year Ben was looking like last year Peyton – weak arm and slow decision making, a shell of his former self. The Bills kept 11 (!) DL, will play 9, and will decimate that rebuilt oline with two rookies on it. it takes a while for an oline to gel and Ben is going to get beat up with lots of hurried incompletions, hits, and sacks. The Bills offense is loaded with weapons and will shred your good defense. Its going to start out slow but the Bills will pull away in the 2nd half and win easily, something like 31-17. You can’t rebuild an offense and expect it to perform well week 1, especially starting two rookies on an oline with a old QB isnt as strong nor much of a threat to run anymore. May the best team win, and that’s clearly the Bills right now. Give the 6.5 and bet the farm.

  19. QBs with a career record like Tomlin (good regular season,disappointing postseason) are labelled as chokers and not celebrated.

  20. 3yardsndust says:
    September 9, 2021 at 8:45 am
    Kevin Colbert waited until the third round to draft a starting center, and by all accounts, Kendrick Green has struggled. It’ll be interesting to see how the rookies on the O line perform.

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    Colbert has been coasting like Tomlin for a decade. How their seats are not scorching hot, no one can understand.

  21. The Steelers can win regular season games if they just run the ball and play defense. They can win enough to get a wild card if they keep to that. If Ben is throwing to much they will lose. He doesn’t have it like that anymore..

  22. QBs with a career record like Tomlin (good regular season,disappointing postseason) are labelled as chokers and not celebrated.
    Ben is tied with the Manning bros for 2nd most super bowl wins by a QB in the last 20 years, and is tied with Peyton for 2nd most SB appearances by a QB in that span. Is there any player that’s not a playoff “choker” other than Brady in the entire league then?

  23. That noodle arm that BB posseses will konk out about week 9. He’ll insist on playing though and Tomlin will give in.

    The Steelers go 3-6 in their last 9. 6-11 overall. If that. BB ends up in Green Bay.

  24. To run Canada’s offense, BB has to take snaps from under center to sell the play action pass.

    He doesn’t have the legs for that anymore. I see a bad moon rising and it’s not the great pumpkin.

  25. Having Harris and Freiermuth will make the Steelers offense more unpredictable, because opponents will have to respect the run, be ready for play-action and screen plays to RB and TE or receivers, which will help open up the deeper routes of the receivers, who will see more single coverage. Last year everyone knew that Ben was throwing mid-level or deep as there was no other option and after their good start everyone had them figured out.

    The defense will be on a similar level as last season or maybe better with one more year experience together as a unit. The addition of Schobert will also help.

  26. Strength of schedule by itself would suggest it’s a tough road. No excuses. Last year Pittsburgh was picked by the so called experts to finish 3rd in the division. I believe they have made some of the best off season moves this year. Schofield is one they got for a steal. A game ready cb for a 6th round pick in 2023. Keeping Juju for one more year and getting Ben to take a pay cut. The list goes on. Nice job Pitt! Defending AFC Champs!!

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