Introducing the Playmakers podcast


You may have noticed from time to time in recent days that I’ve been encouraging you to preorder Playmakers. I’ve vaguely mentioned that we’ve come up with an incentive to preorder it more than six months before it otherwise becomes available.

I can now be less vague.

This season, anyone who preorders Playmakers will have exclusive access to the Playmakers podcast, a weekly show during which I talk about whatever is happening in the NFL, along with answering your questions. It will be like the old-school PFT PM, a stream-of-consciousness review of relevant NFL news and whatever else I may be thinking about that day.

Typically, we’ll record and post the Playmakers podcast on Friday afternoons. And, again, only those who have preordered the book will have access to it.

You can upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website to register for the Playmakers podcast.

As usual, here’s the Amazon link. If you prefer to buy from Barnes and Noble, you can preorder it there. Or you can order it from Book-A-Million. Or through Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, can hook you up.

Also, if you want to devalue the book, you can order a signed copy from Premiere Collectibles.

The first episode of the Playmakers podcast is coming next Friday. Which gives you a week to preorder, if you haven’t already. It’s probably a good idea to just do it now, so you don’t forget.