Mack Hollins on being named captain, Tua Tagovailoa not being one with Dolphins

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Mack Hollins may not be a starter for the Miami Dolphins, but he was one of five players named as a captain by his teammates this week.

Via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post, Hollins was of a group of players that put themselves up for consideration for the role.

Everybody gets the chance to go up there and (say), ‘Hey, I want to be a captain,’” Hollins said. “Some guys give a speech, some guys just say, ‘I want to put my name in the hat.’”

“I went up there. My platform was, ‘I want to win games and I want to keep you guys at a high standard and I want you guys to do the same for me, but it would be a pleasure and an honor to lead you all and have, I guess, the patch on my jersey.’

“But I also said, ‘Everybody’s a leader on this team. It doesn’t matter if it’s me. It’s whoever’s out there.’”

Hollins joins offensive lineman Jesse Davis, linebacker Elandon Roberts, defensive back Jason McCourty, and safety Clayton Fejedelem as the the team captains this season. Hollins will be a depth option at receiver behind DeVante Parker, Jaylen Waddle, Jakeem Grant and Albert Wilson.

The absence of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa from the list of captains was a potentially curious omission. However, Hollins said it’s not a reflection of the leader that Tagovailoa has been with the Dolphins.

I know the question will probably come, ‘Why isn’t he a captain?’ Just because you’re a quarterback or just because you’re this doesn’t mean you have to be the captain of you have to be this,” Hollins said, via Daniel Oyefusi of the Miami Herald.

“Tua’s an excellent leader, exceptional leader, and the transformation he’s made from last year to this year is incredible.”

12 responses to “Mack Hollins on being named captain, Tua Tagovailoa not being one with Dolphins

  1. Under the current regime the phins have proven they are a working man’s team. They are performing above expectations with a no name defense and offensive performers who work hard and make plays. Bravo.

  2. Not said is whether or not Tua put his own name up. Regardless, I’d rather he let his play do the leading.

  3. Tua has to prove himself to everyone. Unfortunately for him, it’s a team sport and his offensive line may not be good enough to help him reach that next level. The curse of the Miami Dolphins franchise may have more to do with their consistent lack of evaluating offensive line talent than it has with finding a franchise quarterback.

  4. Since Marino retired, no matter who the coach was Miami never put an emphasis on someone being named a captain. Over rated. Wilson was named a captain in New York, I can’t imagine a veteran going up to him and asking for advice or something. Never going to happen.

  5. The fact you have to politic to be a captain is a bunch of garbage. If the was Hollins’ big speech I would’ve snickered and told him to sit down. Your leaders are the guys the other teammates follow due to their work habits or leadership by example.

  6. Hollins will be a depth option at receiver behind DeVante Parker, Jaylen Waddle, Jakeem Grant and Albert Wilson.

    Did Will Fuller not make the team?

  7. This is silly. Mack is a special teams ace. He isn’t representing the Offense, he’s representing Special Teams. Same with Clayton Fejedelem, who’s the FOURTH safety: Special Teams. Clayton and Mack are Special Teams, McCourty and Elandon are Defense. Jesse Davis is the lone Offensive representative, and he’s the Everyman of the line who can play every role but is not intended to be the starter. He isn’t even the Center who is homegrown and beat out the experienced free agents by being the leader and signal caller for the line.

    If you knew Mack guaranteed his spot on a deep WR bench with his Special Teams contributions, you wouldn’t look silly claiming Mack Hollins is more leader than Tua.

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