Ravens fear Marcus Peters, Gus Edwards tore their ACLs at Thursday’s practice

New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens’ run of injuries in their offensive backfield reportedly continued at Thursday’s practice and they also had a key member of their defensive backfield go down during the session.

NFL Media reports that running back Gus Edwards and cornerback Marcus Peters each suffered “potentially significant” knee injuries. A follow-up noted that the team fears both players suffered torn ACLs. The Ravens cut practice short after the two players were knocked out.

Edwards’ injury follows J.K. Dobbins‘ torn ACL and Justice Hill‘s torn Achilles on the list of medical problems for Ravens backs. Ty'Son Williams and Trenton Cannon are on the active roster and the chances of Le'Veon Bell playing Monday would go up exponentially if the fear about the severity of his injury is realized.

Peters doesn’t have the same kind of company on the cornerback injury report, but his absence would be a major one against the Raiders on Monday and all the other opponents who won’t have to contend with him trying to thwart their passing games.

54 responses to “Ravens fear Marcus Peters, Gus Edwards tore their ACLs at Thursday’s practice

  1. I am a Brown’s fan but this is too bad, you never want to see this many key players get injured before the season starts.

  2. This sucks and I am not even a Ravens fan.
    Injuries are not cool, period.
    I hope they all get better ASAP.

  3. I don’t like to see players get injured. Not even when they play for a division rival.

    Let’s hold back the jokes on their most important “running back” staying healthy. LeVeon Bell is going to have to step in and step up, pronto.

  4. Amazing how quick the strength of your team turns into a disaster. How do 3 RB’s tear ACL’s in like 8 days?

  5. Wish them the best. Hate to hear that. Gonna be interesting considering the NFLPA bought into the 17 game season of greed the NFL wanted.

  6. Not a fan, but this sucks for any team.
    On the bright side, they own the record for preseason winning streak.

  7. The Not For Long league is all about the injuries and roster depth which change eveything on a weekly basis.

  8. The Ravens are snake bitten and now we will see how good of a coach Harbaugh is. Belichick won 7 games with the most covid opt outs and a broken QB.

  9. I feel your pain Balt…when Bush and DuPree went down last year with ACL tears it was brutal.

  10. Pride comes before the fall.

    Baltimore can’t afford Murray. Murray refused the paycut in New Orleans and New Orleans is cash strapped since the Bensons don’t own anything else.

    Cash flow problem.

  11. touchback6 says:
    September 9, 2021 at 4:27 pm
    Pride comes before the fall.

    Baltimore can’t afford Murray. Murray refused the paycut in New Orleans and New Orleans is cash strapped since the Bensons don’t own anything else.

    Cash flow problem.
    No , you’re wrong . The issue isn’t cash flow it the salary cap . Just so you know , Gayle Benson according to Forbes is ranked 8th on the list of wealthiest NFL owners with a net worth of $3.4 billion . Don’t think cash flow is a problem , lol .

  12. If you believe in the passing of Lamar Jackson then this is his opportunity to show it.
    If you doubt him, these injuries will cause the team to change direction for the future.
    Either way it will be intersting to watch the necessary innovation on offense.

  13. Did the bring trainers from that CFL team that had everyone tear one in a single day?? I’m seriously this is like the worst Joo Joo before a season ever. Did a black cat roll around in the locker room too and they just discovered they technically walk out under a ladder or something? If I was a Baltimore fan and not a Lions fan with Zero hope this would’ve ruined my day.

  14. Not a Ravens Fan. Some bad injuries for the Ravens already this season. I will say at least it is happening Now, and not the week before the Super Bowl. At least they have time to adjust.

  15. Horrible. At some point one has to look at the strength and conditioning coaches. Could just be bad luck, but the top teams don’t seem to have this kind of “bad luck”.

  16. That offense doesn’t work without a running threat besides Jackson. I still believe Bell has something left in the tank, but he’s not going to have time to ease into things.

    Peters being gone is not good, but their secondary at least has some depth. For now.

  17. This is the Football Gods saying:
    Move the QB to RB where he belongs!
    Let’s see if Harbaugh is smart enough to listen…

  18. Proof that a 17 game season is too much on the players bodies even before the season starts. C’mon NFL 16 was more than enough!

  19. This makes me sad, and I am the last thing from a Ravens fan. It just sucks to see your team decimated by injury and even sadder to be stuck with fat old Le’veon Bell as your RB.

  20. LeVeon is just a body at this point. His running style doesn’t fit this offense at all. Need a slasher who hits the hole decisively, not someone who sits back and waits for one to open. Williams will be the starter. Tucker and a couple other Ravens restructured their contracts today to make room. As previously posted, Latavius Murray would be the ideal add. And maybe he will, but they need bodies, any bodies, just to play Monday. No way you can bring someone in off the street NOW and have him play Monday. Hopefully, everyone got on the over 205.5 for Lamar’s passing yards Monday night before it was taken off the board.

  21. I love the fact that Ravens fans are already making excuses for Lamar and letting him off the hook this season. Huh? Because of a few injuries? How many players are on an NFL team again> You’ve been screaming at the top of your lungs how incredible your MVP running back at QB is, so why are you already making excuses for him again? If he’s that good, these losses won’t matter.

  22. Obviously the i juries to RBs sucks. But they have a good enough OL to patch up some 1yr rentals to get through the season. The marcus Peter’s injury is the one that stings the most. The let judon, and Yannick go so the stress on DBs will be even higher.

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