Report: Raiders reach 100 percent vaccinated

Seattle Seahawks v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Las Vegas Raiders are a fully vaccinated football team, according to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Whichever players had remained holdouts throughout the preseason have made the decision to get their COVID-19 vaccinations before the start of the regular season. Linebacker Denzel Perryman had indicated recently his thoughts on possibly getting his shots had changed with him saying he was considering getting the vaccine.

With the team now fully vaccinated, it would appear Perryman made the leap.

The Raiders had already required fans set to attend games this season to be fully vaccinated so they could watch the games without masks. They also will have vaccination stations set up at games so fans who aren’t vaccinated can get their first shots on-site and then attend the games with a mask until their protocol has been completed.

While rosters won’t stay the same and the Raiders may not stay at 100 percent for the entire season, the entire team and all the fans in the stands for home games will all be vaccinated in Las Vegas to begin the regular season.

The Raiders kick off their regular season Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

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  1. Really need to see Gruden’s card. Just don’t trust the guy after his disrespect for the mask last year.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Raiders now if only our country was so smart they have to realize they are why this will never go away it will get worse every small businessman should support it otherwise it’s just a matter of time till no one will go to them the only places doing business will be the grocery stores and Amazon .

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