Steelers, T.J. Watt agree to deal

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Just three days before the start of the season, the Steelers and pass rusher T.J. Watt have finally agreed to a new contract.

It’s a four-year extension worth $112 million and $80 million guaranteed, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Whether Watt’s contract situation would be resolved had been a significant issue facing the Steelers for the entire offseason. Watt refused to practice during training camp and refused to participate in the preseason until he got his new deal. He finally got it in time for the regular season.

The 26-year-old Watt has been a first-team All-Pro each of the last two years and was the NFL sacks leader last season. Now the Steelers have ensured that they’ll have his services for years to come.

34 responses to “Steelers, T.J. Watt agree to deal

  1. A lot of money, but they are about to be on rookie and league minimum QB contracts so there’s some payroll to spare.

  2. Hopefully he can stay healthier than his brother… But if he can he has an opportunity to be even better.

  3. About time!!! The steelers have the most cap space next year not sure how anyone can say they will be in cap hell.

  4. No worries as far as the cap goes. Ben’s pay is cheap and whoever they draft at qb will be on a 4 year rookie deal. This contract actually comes at a perfect time

  5. The same ones who commented the Steelers were stupid not to get the deal done sooner will now flip to they paid him too much….humans

  6. Looks like the Steelers finally moved off of their stance that they don’t guarantee money after the first year.

  7. I’m surprised with this move by the Steelers. It is usually bad teams that overpay for good but not great players.

  8. Debatable but TJ won the short term. No training camp and his bag is overflowing with 80M guaranteed.

  9. lastwordonpft says:
    September 9, 2021 at 5:20 pm
    There’s no chance they’ll sign Minkah now.
    Minkah is an excellent player but not the game changer that TJ is.
    And next year the Steelers will most likely have several large contract (Ben, Juju, Ebron) off the books so they will be able to afford Minkah and TJ with no problem – especially if the salary cap goes up as expected.

  10. 4 years, $112 million. By my math that is $28 million a year. I thought to be the highest paid defensive player he had to get $30 million. Means there are teams payong more for defensive superstars.

  11. They’ll have the cap space next year to sign Minkah. Watt is basically the only monster paycheck on the team. Big Ben isn’t going to ask for anything if he comes back next year, a ton of guys are on rookie contracts for a few more years, specifically on offense. On defense Haden is on his way out, Bush is still on a rookie contract, Heyward already signed his long-term deal, Tuitt might get another contract at some point if he can stay healthy but other then that there isn’t anyone else to sign BUT Minkah next season.

  12. And the Packers traded out of that position and settled for the Great Kevin King instead of TJ!!!! Gahh

  13. The Wisconsin Watt bros are cashing in. Good for them. I haven’t heard many stories about TJ outside the NFL. I hope he does some good work in the community like JJ.

  14. In all seriousness, I believe that Watt saw two Ravens go down with ACL injuries today and decided he should just sign the mega-deal that was on the table before someone dropped a house on him too.

  15. The Steelers as a team have led the NFL in sacks for the past 4 seasons, every year since Watt has been on the roster.

  16. There is always stipulations to NFL guaranteed contracts. I’m sure his agent got the best deal for him. Why it took so long.

  17. Injuries to three Ravens running backs and a starting corner will have a bigger impact on the Steelers season.

    The door is now open in the AFC North.

  18. Defenses don’t win championships anymore. You’re going to need a QB before you go anywhere.

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