WFT can’t get its story straight on whether it has narrowed list of names to eight

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
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With so much going on currently in the NFL, whether and to what extent the Washington Football Team has narrowed its list of potential permanent names to eight ranks fairly low on the list of priorities. But we also need to be complete, and accurate.

Unlike the Washington Football Team, which seems to be all over the place on whether it has or hasn’t reduced its list of potential names to eight.

Last month, an in-house video seemed to narrow the list to eight. Team president Jason Wright said that the list hasn’t been reduced to eight.

Then, appearing this week on a podcast with Adam Schefter, owner Tanya Snyder said that the list has been narrowed to eight, and she identified the same eight names that appeared in the video.

Then, the Washington Football Team asked Schefter to clarify that, no, there is not a list of eight finalists.

Maybe there’s some next-level stuff going on here. Maybe this is part of some effort to use disarray to generate interest. Or maybe it’s just an example of some old-school, deep-rooted dysfunction.

Regardless, I think the team itself will be pretty good this year. I’ve got them winning the division again. I’ve said for a while that, if they cross paths with the Bucs again in the playoffs, they could have the formula to beat them.

And if the Washington Football Team makes some real noise this season, the right move could be to keep current name in place.

The Washington Football Team.

10 responses to “WFT can’t get its story straight on whether it has narrowed list of names to eight

  1. I suggest Washington Team Football so the abbreviated version is always available for ready use.

  2. I am unsure why we need to know when they narrow a list of names. I dont own the team. If the owner wants to change the name of his business he can do so without me pestering him when to do so.

  3. Hahaha…what a joke of an organization. The left hand has absolutely no clue what the right hand is doing. This is what happens when you have the most dysfunctional ownership and management of the entire league. That being said, I’m a HUGE fan of the Football operations!

  4. Considering the NFC East hasn’t had a repeat champion since 2004, predicting WFT to win it again this year is a pretty bold statement.

  5. WFT will win the division. They are the best-coached team in the division with a serviceable QB. Dallas is overrated on both sides of the ball with an injured OL and a shaky secondary. The Giants and Eagles simply suck with overmatched coaches and QBs.

  6. There are only two names I don’t want associated with the WFT.

    One is the former name.

    The other is Snyder.

  7. Just name the team and move on to the business of collecting TV revenue…errrr…I mean winning games! Longer they wait the higher the probability they pick a stupid name and then hire the graphic design firm that redesigned the Chargers logo.

  8. None of the names on that list that was circulating not long ago looked like very good names. Just ask my 14 year old son. He scoffed when he saw it. And he’s the target market. So…if they’re still tweaking their “finalist” list, or disavowing that previous lists were real, that at least shows an awareness of how lousy the names on that list really were. The Washington Presidents? Really?

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