As Bucs get another mini-bye, Bruce Arians worries about COVID


One of the benefits of playing on the first Thursday night of the season comes from the immediate mini-bye before Week Two. Plenty of coaches likes that. This year, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians doesn’t.

“I’m not real fond of it,” he told reporters after the 31-29 win over Dallas. “But there’s four days off [after the final preseason game] and playing here now [we] have three days off. I’m more concerned about the COVID than I am the football team.”

Vaccinated players (the Bucs are at 100 percent) have full freedom of movement, and with the three days off they’ll be allowed to leave town.

Actually, given the prevalence of the infection in Tampa, maybe they should leave town. Regardless, Arians and the rest of the organization will now have to worry about the possibility that one or more players will test positive.

The Buccaneers host the Falcons in nine days, before traveling to L.A. for a game against the Rams.

4 responses to “As Bucs get another mini-bye, Bruce Arians worries about COVID

  1. Arians (and, earlier, Brady) are right to consider this season more dangerous than last season. The Delta variant is so much more contagious, people have lowered their guards, and way too many vaccinated people don’t wear masks when around other people.

    It’s great to have football back finally. I hope players and staff are careful, so that teams don’t have key players on the COVID list. This can be great season if everybody takes simple precautions.

  2. Coach Arians is right to be concerned. Freedom of movement just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you can go anywhere and do anything. You still can catch it. You can still spread it to other people. You can still be sick. The hospital part and the dying part, you might be able to skip that.

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