Ryan Succop never doubted Tom Brady would get him into field goal range

NFL: SEP 09 Cowboys at Buccaneers
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Buccaneers kicker Ryan Succop kicked Thursday night’s game-winning field goal, but he said afterward that he played only a “small part” in the win.

The biggest part, Succop said, was played by quarterback Tom Brady, who guided the Buccaneers into field goal range, just as Succop knew he would.

“I was pretty certain we were going to have a chance,” Succop said. “He’s the greatest quarterback of all time, he’s the greatest player of all time. He’s so calm, he’s so collected. His poise permeates everybody, and everybody goes out and plays better because of him. Credit to our offense and our coaches, put us in the situation. Went right down the field, great two-minute drill, and we were able to have a small part at the end of it.”

Even when the Cowboys kicked a field goal of their own to take a 29-28 lead with 1:29 left in the game, it never really felt like the Buccaneers were going to lose. With Brady getting the ball back and the Bucs needing only a field goal, everyone in the stadium knew Succop was going to get his chance to win the game.