Pete Carroll doesn’t remember having a clean injury report entering a game

Los Angeles Chargers v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks have more than a few questions as they embark on the 2021 season with a visit to Indianapolis. One question they don’t have is whether injured players will be able to play.

The Seahawks have no injury designations entering Week One. On Friday, coach Pete Carroll was asked whether this is the first time he’s ever had a spotless injury report entering a game.

“I don’t remember another time,” Carroll told reporters. “I don’t. The best year we ever had for guys staying healthy was 2014. That was our best year. I don’t remember how we started the season, but it’s a good thing. It’s a real positive. It has to do with a lot of elements. The conditioning the guys put forth to get ready and then once they got here working with our training staff and the strength and conditioning and then just good fortune to you. It’s a pretty good list right now.”

Keeping some guys out of preseason action helped.

“I think it contributed, yeah,” Carroll said. “You can’t really say, we don’t know. It did help us out. Today, I looked at the numbers in compared to other years and how many guys were on IR and that kind of stuff. Last year with no game, how did that contribute to it? It’s not a real definitive science right now. We’re getting a feel for it and felt like it worked out well.”

In a 17-game season, the teams that keep their players the healthiest will have the best chance to win enough games to get to the playoffs. The Seahawks are off to a good start. For 30 teams, the 18-week war of attrition officially begins on Sunday.

4 responses to “Pete Carroll doesn’t remember having a clean injury report entering a game

  1. Pete Carroll doesn’t remember a game with no one on the injury report? Pete is on a track where soon he won’t remember what he had for breakfast.

  2. This line moved like 5 points…the only way a line moves that much…is if sharp bettors like me overwhelmingly put up bread on one side…which means take Seattle this game folks…

  3. Petey used to try to win preseason games. This year he changed and rested most of his starters in the preseason. That is the difference. As his team gets older and more injury prone he cannot work them hard in preseason the way he used to do. He used to be fined by the league for having practices with full contact in the preseason when he was not supposed to.

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