Bengals pull out wild overtime win over Vikings

NFL: SEP 12 Vikings at Bengals
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The Bengals need Joe Burrow to take a big step forward in Year Two. So far, so good.

Burrow had a solid game today against the Vikings, leading Cincinnati to a 27-24 overtime win against Minnesota.

Showing no ill-effects from last year’s season-ending knee injury, Burrow completed 20 of 27 passes for 261 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and he completed a huge pass to convert a fourth-and-inches and get the Bengals into field goal range in the final minute of overtime.

Bengals running back Joe Mixon added a 100-yard game on the ground, and the Bengals had exactly the kind of offense Zac Taylor wants from his team.

The Bengals led for most of the game, but the Vikings made it very interesting with a late rally to force overtime. In fact, it appeared that the Vikings were going to come back and win until with 1:48 remaining in overtime, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook fumbled and the Bengals recovered. The play was reviewed, and one angle appeared to show that Cook’s rear end touched the ground before he lost possession of the ball, but that angle wasn’t definitive, and the officiating department decided to let the call on the field stand.

From there, Burrow marched the Bengals into field goal range, and Cincinnati improved to 1-0 on the season, while Minnesota fell to 0-1.

50 responses to “Bengals pull out wild overtime win over Vikings

  1. It was plain strange the way the refs helped the bengals win. Justin Jefferson clearly scored a TD. Dalvin Cook clearly didn’t fumble in OT. Only the Vikings were called for holding it seemed like as well.

  2. How many times does Cook fumble at the worst time? Seat already hot for Zimmer. Burrow could of used Sewell today.

  3. huh. same ol’ Cousins. Wonder what his sack vs converted 3rd down ratio is? Either way, I can’t say I’m surprised the Vikings look as unenthusiastic on offense as ever.
    Maybe one day they’ll luck into a QB that actually wants to play. Never wanted Cousins here when they first signed him, still stand by that statement now. Dude is a joke.

  4. I heard the Vikes were called for a False Start on their way to the locker room after the game. 🤣
    Struggling with the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1? Yikes!!! 😳

  5. Bad call. When you play a team in their stadium you have to soundly beat them. Otherwise you will lose the close ones on calls like this. It’s good for the owners to have the home team win. Keeps the seats full. So we needed to come out and beat them by 10. We didn’t so we lost. Every team faces this every week.

  6. Very happy for Bengals fans. Finally things are looking up for you guys. Not sure if you’re legit, but you are 1-0.

  7. I think the Vikings will be a team to deal with this year. All the penalties, every one against Minnesota. They will clean that up. But even after all of that, they should have won. As usual NFL botches a call…Cook was down. Forget week one, they tried to beat a hometown referree and lost. Geez how shocking. Anyone got a rebuttal?

  8. byaaah says:
    September 12, 2021 at 5:03 pm
    There’s also no way Joe Burrow survives the season behind that o-line.

    Truth! He got hit and was limping back to the bench. But hey, they got Chase who said he needs a stripe on the ball to catch it.

  9. The tides a changing in Ohio. The best football teams are no longer in Columbus! Gonna be a fun year at my locale!

  10. If you are going to give the tiebreak on a review to the call on the field, it feels dirty when the officials are instructed to not make a call on the field.

  11. Anyone got a rebuttal?


    World-class teams don’t struggle against the Bengals.

    But your ref-blaming form is mid-season worthy.

  12. many times does Cook fumble at the worst time? Seat already hot for Zimmer. Burrow could of used Sewell today.


    College Sewell would have been nice probably, pro, not so much. But without Chase’s touchdown today we don’t win this game so there’s that.

  13. So much whining on here today. I gotta tell you I talked to a lot of Vikings fans tailgating today and you all didn’t really seem like cry babies. Maybe I was wrong or maybe it’s just the alcohol talking

  14. Looks like Zimmer should have been coaching up the defense instead of whining about vaccines all summer.

  15. packerlies says:
    September 12, 2021 at 5:17 pm
    Anyone got a rebuttal?


    World-class teams don’t struggle against the Bengals.

    But your ref-blaming form is mid-season worthy.

    Never ever seen as team get more ref assistance. Aaron does have a strong arm. He’s also got a great acting form, but sorry Aaron. Olivia still much better.

  16. Kirkie’s pathetic. Trade him for a half-full bucket of warm water and walk away knowing you got the best of the trade…Delvin? Ivermectin makes a man’s hands slippery…

  17. As Viking fans we’re conditioned to expect the worst, and today was just the beginning of what’s going to be a long season. Say what you want about the refs on the Cook fumble, but a good football team isn’t in a position to let a questionable call cost them the game. We’ve got an unimaginative offensive scheme, a very average/mentally fragile quarterback (the king of the check down), and a terrible offensive line. On top of that we have a front office that can’t seem to evaluate, or find, any sort of talent to address these issues. Buckle up Vikings fans, it’s going get a lot worse before it gets better. But hey, at least they got Sean Mannion back.

  18. Again, the offensive line is terrible. What’s not expected is Aaron Rodgers is playing terrible.

  19. Viking Fan Blames Officials…..Everybody Drink says:
    September 12, 2021 at 4:51 pm
    I heard the Vikes were called for a False Start on their way to the locker room after the game. 🤣
    Struggling with the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1? Yikes!!! 😳
    I see Aaron Rogers and your Packers are really lighting it up against the Saints. Must leave you with a warm fuzzy 🤣🤣

  20. Full on blaming the refs on this one. They got it wrong. It cost the Vikings the opportunity to win the game… although Kurt would have thrown an interception on the next play…

    I hate being a Vikings fan because this is normal.

    Congrats to the bengals on the win.

  21. This could well have ended up a tie which would have given the Vikings the chance to end up 8-8-1, and that’s what they look like right now a .500 team. But hey it’s far too easy to make knee jerk reactions after week 1, I’m still hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

  22. Who woulda thought our kickers would be the most reliable opening game players? Cousins was Cousins, O-line was as bad as advertised and the D allowed too many splash plays.

  23. Shouldn’t be so hard on the Vikings Offense. The Bengals’ D is completely overhauled from last year and we got some injured players back. They added some great players and the scheme is designed to put pressure on the QB. Offenses are going to struggle against them.

  24. vikings fans are a joke… always blaming cousins. guy threw for 350 yds, 2 tds, 0 turnovers and a 73% completion rate. I guess its cousins fault your defense was garbage and Dalvin Cook only averaged 3 yds a carry with a crucial fumble that lost them game.

  25. I love the salty vikings fans lol. Stop blaming the refs. Your offense kept holding and had too many false starts and Cook fumbled. Get over it lol

  26. Bengals Defense played extremely well today against a tough NFL Team!!! Play calling on Offense was somewhat conservative!!! Where was Tyler Boyd today?
    IMHO, Bengals Coach Zac Taylor made an extremely horrible coaching decision near end of 3rd Quarter, by going for it on Vikings 30 yard line on 4th Down & One Yard!!!! IMHO, Taylor essentially gave the Vikings a FREE TD!!!! What High School Football Coach would make this call???
    I think the Bengals are a very good NFL TEAM!!!! EVEN AFTER PLAYING WELL TODAY AGAINST A REALLY GOOD TEAM, NATIONAL SPORTS PRESS DO NOT GIVE BENGALS THEIR DUE RESPECT!!!! I know that Bengals plays in a very tough Division, but Bengals spent a lot of money shoring up Defence, Joe Burrow, Ja’Mar Chase, and an excellent Drafted Rookie Field Goal Kicker!!!

  27. rofeo says:
    September 12, 2021 at 8:43 pm
    Bengals fan. And I thought Cousins played a very good game.

    It’s mostly Packers fans posing as Vikings fans, Vikes came back in a game that should have been over in regulation. Cousins did show some savoy with no time outs on the last drive to get them in FG range. Not really mad about the Cook fumble not being overturned, meh if the Vikes would have taken care of business early in the day the outcome may have been different. That AFC North ain’t no joke good teams that are going to give the NFC North some trouble this year.

  28. That was a heck of a game, congrats Bengals. I do think he was down, but doesn’t matter what I think. At this point I’m hoping a cranky Zim will jolt these guys a little. Bengals played well but Minnesota had, what.. 12 penalties? Shot ourselves in the foot. Slow start on offense, kirk gotta be better. Couple of big plays given up and boom, down 14 points. Fought back, it was a good 4th quarter. Not to be. On to Cincinnati!

  29. It does matter what you think though and it should. relying on human error to contradict the calling of a game is archaic with the technology we have. These calls could be better made from the couch and TV..ridiculous!

  30. Mark my words.. it’s the start of a 3-14 season. This team, especially the secondary, is plain awful!

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