Patrick Mahomes throws three second-half touchdowns, Chiefs defeat Browns 33-29

NFL: SEP 12 Browns at Chiefs
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Cleveland could not be stopped through much of the first half, scoring touchdowns on its first three possessions to take a 22-10 lead into halftime.

But the second half was just about all Kansas City, as the defending AFC Champions came away with a 33-29 victory to start the 2021 season.

The Chiefs outscored the Browns 23-7 in the final two quarters with a couple of long drives, a couple of turnovers, and one typical bomb pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But the game wasn’t sealed until late in the fourth quarter. The Browns got the ball back at their own 17-yard line with 2:49 left on the clock on one timeout remaining. Quarterback Baker Mayfield moved the chains with a 4-yard pass on third-and-2 to receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones, and then a 19-yard pass to running back Kareem Hunt.

But on the next play, Mayfield tried to make too much happen while avoiding a sack, and threw an errant pass to the left side. Cornerback Mike Hughes was there to intercept the pass and that ended the Browns’ comeback hopes.

Mahomes finished the game 27-of-36 passing for 337 yards with three touchdowns, good for a 131.4 passer rating. All three of those passing TDs came in the second half, with two of them going to Travis Kelce. The tight end caught the go-ahead touchdown with 7:04 left in the game — an 8-yard completion.

Mahomes also threw a 75-yard bomb to Tyreek Hill for a touchdown, with the receiver separating from safety John Johnson enough to run it into the end zone.

Hill caught 11 passes for 197 yards to lead the game. Kelce had six receptions for 76 yards.

The Browns had scored touchdowns on their first three possessions, but then scored one in five second-half drives. Running back Nick Chubb fumbled in the third quarter to end what was seemed like a promising scoring chance. And punter Jamie Gillam botched a long snap deep in Cleveland territory to give Kansas City an easy scoring chance.

The Browns will have their home opener next week against the Texans. Kansas City will be on the road to face the Ravens on Sunday Night Football.

30 responses to “Patrick Mahomes throws three second-half touchdowns, Chiefs defeat Browns 33-29

  1. Nobody can Brown up a good thing like Cleveland.
    They impressed the heck out of me — for 50 minutes. Then they completely fell apart.

  2. flash1224 says:
    Chiefs D is still garbage

    It seems New England’s fourth loss in its last five games has left you a little salty.

  3. The browns didn’t play great for 50 minutes, they play great for about 30, they we a non factor in the second half.

  4. I expected the usual round of “Browns will be Browns” comments here. Found better comments elsewhere. Browns played a near flawless game (news flash, no one plays flawless games) and lost to one of the best teams in the league. First game of the season and already writing them off. Not like they were 8.5 point favorites and didn’t cover the spread.

    Oh…wait someone did that Thursday.

  5. Impressive comeback win by the Chiefs. The Browns played well enough to win for a good chunk of the game, but beating KC at home is a tall order for any team.

  6. Cleveland… Cleveland. What a collapse. From what I saw the players and coaches though they could ride the early lead. WRONG.

  7. Can we end the Baker experiment now? He’s like Matthew Stafford – good qb but never gonna get you over the hump.

    The issue always seems to be the same with the Browns – they never go with chemistry – always trying to force pieces together that don’t gel. Like OBJ and Baker, yes I know OBJ didn’t play today – which is probably why we were even in the game.

    Did Higgins even have a target today? (I haven’t even watched the full game yet)

    6 carries for Kareem Hunt…really? Against his old team? Yeah! There’d be no motivation there…especially after the playoffs.

    Here comes Tyrod next week, you know he wants revenge.

  8. Good grief people, overreact much? My Chiefs struggled defensively in the first half cuz 3 starters were out including the man who gets everyone lined up correctly. But the main reason they struggled is because the Browns are freaking good! All kinds of talent and well coached. They will be fine

  9. The Browns played well enough to win except those 2 fumbles. That gave the chiefs hope and the chance to redeem themselves. The Browns lost their cool and panicked a bit. They will learn and get better from this. The Browns D needs to get better quickly. They are a new unit and should be better soon.

    It’s one game and lot more to be played. The SB is not won in the first game of the regular season. So let’s stop overreacting. Go Browns !!

  10. The Browns defense is for real; and Baker M. is getting better.

    Without the fumble, My Chiefs would have never have got back into this game.

    Well played, Brownies.

  11. The Browns/Chiefs look like they are going to be this generations Mannings Colts vs
    Brady’s Patriots. Unfortunately the Browns seem to be in the role of the Manning team where the QB puts up Hall of Fame numbers in close losses but I’m sure Browns fans will take consistent close losses in AFC Title games over the 0-16 they were without Baker Mayfield. Yesterdays play definitely doesn’t help those who still believe the team is not better without Odell in the lineup as Baker was nearly perfect all day.

    The real question is why was this not the Sunday Night Game?

  12. The difference a good QB makes. Mayfield throws an INT trying to force what isn’t there and Mahomes uses his legs instead of trying to force what isn’t there. Playmakers make plays.

  13. Chiefs scored two TD’s in roughly two minutes and the Browns flinched. Baker and company thought “Oh no! They are going to beat us.” And that’s exactly what happened.

  14. In not posting this about peoples comments on here. I’m posting this cuz I’m getting a bit tired of the tv “experts” claiming the Chiefs would have lost many games except for one bad pass by the opponents qb. If Jimmy G doesn’t over throw his receiver the 49rs win the superbowl, if the Browns punter doesnt drop the snap they win. Does anyone really think Mahomes would’nt have driven us downfield for at least a tying fg with a minute and a half left? Or driven us 70 yards rather 20 yards against the Browns? I shouldn’t care because I think most of them are idiots but I do get tired of it. No one ever mentions these facts.

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