Report: Texans are keeping Deshaun Watson away from the rest of the team

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The Texans and Deshaun Watson have an understanding as to his status in 2021. But that doesn’t make the situation anything other than awkward.

Watson wants to be traded, and the Texans want to trade him. Watson is content to be paid to not play, and the Texans are content to pay him to not play.

Still, it’s obvious that Watson isn’t really a part of the team. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the Texans are keeping Watson away from the other players. He’s still working out at the facility every day, but he’s separated from the rest of the team.

That approach speaks to the possibility that Watson will become frustrated by the pigskin purgatory in which he now resides, and that he could poison other players. It also could stir Watson’s desire to play, forcing the Texans to deal with him — and possibly to choose between putting him on the field or trading him.

For now, the Texans have achieved a balance. But it could be a fragile one, once the games are being played and Watson begins to realize that the NFL train is rolling without him.

3 responses to “Report: Texans are keeping Deshaun Watson away from the rest of the team

  1. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Texans “content to pay him to not play” changes as the L’s start to pile up going forward.

  2. I think the Texans should have traded him and accepted anything they could get. Now they’re on the hook for his salary. My guess is they set the bar high thinking some team would be dumb enough to trade for him. I suspect that they are waiting to hear about his legal issues and if he gets indicted they’ll want to void his contract. That may be the best they can hope to get out of this situation.

  3. The Texans are a dumpster fire. Time for a complete rebuild, everything should be sold.

    Unfortunately the other teams know the score, and can wait for the prices to get cheaper.

    They might as well wait for clarity on his situation. My bet is my Broncos will be buyers after it’s shown they have no QBs worth starting, and the season is essentially done.

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