Russell Wilson loves the “quietness” and “peace” of throwing a deep ball

USA Today Sports

No one throws a better deep ball than Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He threw a beautiful deep ball on a 69-yard touchdown to receiver Tyler Lockett on Sunday in Indianapolis.

After the game, I asked Wilson what he feels in that moment as he prepares to fire the ball long and high and far.

“What I love is the quietness when the ball is in the air,” Wilson said. “There’s a peace to the ball in the air, you know? The one I threw to Tyler, you throw it up to the moon let him run underneath of it. He’s like Willie Mays. Maybe he’s like Ken Griffey Jr, a Seattle guy. . . . He can run up and under and still get it. I think more importantly I think that we can do everything. That’s one of the great parts of our game, obviously.”

It obviously is. And the Seahawks obviously will be contenders again. It’s easy to overlook them or take them for granted, but they keep finding a way to get it done, year in and year out.