Sunday Night Football: Matthew Stafford shines in L.A. debut, Rams beat Bears 34-14

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
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The Rams executed a trade for Matthew Stafford because they felt like he could be the missing piece to their offense.

It’s a small sample size, but the deal sure looks good after Week One.

Stafford was excellent in his Rams debut, piloting the team to a 34-14 victory over the Bears on Sunday Night Football.

He was on point from Los Angeles’ opening drive, hitting receiver Van Jefferson for a 67-yard touchdown on the third play. He was similarly efficient on the Rams’ first drive of the second half, hitting a wide open Cooper Kupp for a 56-yard touchdown on the fourth play of the possession.

Stafford finished 20-of-26 passing for 321 yards with three touchdowns — averaging 12.3 yards per attempt. His final pass of the night was a touchdown to Robert Woods with the receiver tapping his toes in the back of the end zone to remove all doubt for L.A.

Kupp led the team with seven receptions for 108 yards with one touchdown. He had another wiped off the board when he was ruled just short of the end zone in the third quarter. Tight end Tyler Higbee had five catches for 68 yards.

With Cam Akers out for the year, Darrell Henderson started at running back and took 16 carries for 70 yards with one touchdown.

While Chicago’s defense couldn’t stop Los Angeles, the offense had some decent moments throughout the night — but not nearly enough. Rookie Justin Fields played a handful of snaps at quarterback, rotating in with Andy Dalton. He completed his first NFL passing attempt for 9 yards and took a zone-read for a 3-yard score.

And the Bears were able to sustain some drives, netting 24 first downs and going 5-of-11 on third down. But the visitors finished 0-of-4 on fourth down, with two of those failed conversions consequentially coming in the first half.

Dalton finished 27-of-38 for 206 yards with an interception. Running back David Montgomery was a bright spot, gaining 108 yards on 16 carries with a score.

But Chicago was unable to spoil the grand opening of SoFi Stadium, with the Rams soundly winning their first game in front of fans at their new home.

The Rams are now 5-0 in season openers under head coach Sean McVay. They’ll travel to Indianapolis to face the 0-1 Colts next weekend.

The Bears will have their home opener against the 1-0 Bengals next Sunday.

29 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Matthew Stafford shines in L.A. debut, Rams beat Bears 34-14

  1. Rams are really good. Really. Good. So once again the best division in football is going to be hard pressed to have the #1 playoff seed because they are ultimately going to beat each other up during the regular season.

  2. At least the Bears were not as bad as the Pack. It was a team drubbing and look for more of the same against decent teams.

  3. Rams have to be smart and continue to work on running the ball because coaches get too greedy with Stafford’s arm. He wont always play well and a running game will keep the defense fresh.

  4. Pace extended Eddie Jackson and decided that they had to keep Jimmy Graham over Kyle Fuller. Well Jimmy Graham got his one catch to flex on tonight and the secondary got torched. Rinse and repeat. The end to the 2021 Bears season.

  5. Why the Bears on the opening SNF game? You can’t name a team less watchable than the Bears. As Adam Schein once, or several times so eloquently put it, get the Bears off my *** TV!

  6. The Bears are doomed if Nagy doesn’t give up on Dalton. I get it , but its time to let Fields loose and see the light. There isn’t a stage too big for Fields and the Bears don’t have a hope with the Rusted Rifle. The NFC North is in deep doo doo come playoff time.

  7. Sunday Night Football: Matthew Stafford shines in L.A. debut, Rams beat Bears 34-14

    Stafford shines? I wouldn’t exactly call beating Chicago @ LA a feather in the cap!

  8. Rams are good, but let’s see them play a decent team before we start anointing them. A very bad bears team hung in there for most of the game.

  9. Let’s wait a few games before anointing Stafford the answer in L.A. He’s notoriously inconsistent. He’ll have a game like last night then turn in an absolute stinker. He can help them win games but he can also play so badly they have no chance to win. That’s what you get with Stafford. The next game people will be saying it was the worst trade ever and they wished they had Goff back.

  10. Doesn’t matter who is under center for the Bears. Not taking anything away from the Rams but the Bears defense is terrible.

  11. This was a mismatch. Not sure why it was billed as a good matchup. The Rams are vying for a SB run while the Bears are a .500ish team at best, maybe a one and done playoff appearance if they can land the last WC spot.

  12. Stafford did what he does against bad teams. Let’s see how he does in that division. I thought his first red zone attempts were bad and that secondary is one of the worst they will see.

  13. Bears can’t seem to sustain any success. Too many bad contract decisions, too many missed draft picks. Every seven-eight years they put together a double digit winning season and you think they are relevant and then back into the trash.

  14. For those complaining about the Bears on SNF, last night was a matchup of two 2020 playoff teams in the two largest markets that had playoff teams. There’s a good chance they won’t be on SNF again this year as their other SNF game is a flex schedule game against the Packers who looked even worse than the Bears yesterday.

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