Texans intercept Trevor Lawrence three times, blowout Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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The Jaguars opened as a 3.5 favorite over the Texans, with all eyes on No. 1 overall choice Trevor Lawrence and new coach Urban Meyer. At the end of the day, David Culley, Tyrod Taylor and the Texans — predicted by many to be the worst team in the NFL — left the stadium alone in first place in the AFC South.

The Texans won easily 37-21, intercepting Lawrence three times in Culley’s head coaching debut.

Who saw that coming?

The Texans gained 449 yards, with Taylor completing 21 of 33 passes for 291 yards and two touchdowns. Taylor, making his 48th career start and his first since the 2020 season opener, threw a 7-yard touchdown to David Johnson and an 8-yarder to Danny Amendola, who signed only a few days ago.

Brandin Cooks caught five passes for 132 yards, and Melvin Ingram rushed for 85 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries.

Lawrence went 28-of-51 for 332 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions. Justin Reid, Vernon Hargreaves and Christian Kirksey had picks.

19 responses to “Texans intercept Trevor Lawrence three times, blowout Jaguars

  1. that’s impossible, all the other not “once in a generation” QBs all had normal games. how could Trevor Lawrence: the greatest QB of all time, possibly throw 3 interceptions in his first game?

    or how about the media should stop annointing players “once in a generation” when Trevor isn’t the best QB in this class…

  2. Justin Fields to Lawrence …”hold my beer”

  3. Man what was up with that Jags offense? Urban getting cute and trying to throw it all over the yard when he should be protecting his rookie and establishing the run. I have a feeling Urban is going to be one and done in the NFL and turn back to college.

  4. I don’t believe that game Urban Meyer was playing Madden. How has Robinson only received 5 carries?! They really should have revamped the O Line

  5. Urban Meyer always won in College due to having More Talent. Now, Jacksonville has Inferior Talent each week. 0-17 if he doesn’t Quit like he’s been known to do when things get rough. I’m rooting for it.

  6. Also, GREAT win for Jack Easterby and the Texans. He is building a culture of WINNING while doing so in a manner that is honoring to God.

  7. Texans are going to win more games too! Good coaching, winners on the team, I’m looking forward to this year, we have someone calling plays that knows how, for a change. We got rid of what was holding us back, and I don’t mean players.

  8. dsurf says:
    September 12, 2021 at 6:47 pm
    Trevor Lawrence = Bust

    Maybe the biggest bust in NFL history.

    Yeah and last years MVP got benched in the 4th. Calm down and find your sippy cup it’s 1 of 17

  9. Meyer will resign before October is over. Mark my words. The Jags are a total disaster and if he thought he was going to turn them around he’s delusional.

    They had all that money to spend in free agency and they really did nothing with it. They should have used the majority of that money to get an offensive line. That OL is just awful. Of course the defense is terrible. Signing all those mediocre players in the off-season leaves them with a mediocre defense–and that’s probably being generous.

  10. So a 1-15 team last year wasn’t able to turn it all around in 1 offseason? SHOCK. It’s the NFL. You can’t turn over the whole roster in one offseason. Trevor looked like a rookie. His talent is obvious, but he made mistakes. He’ll get better. The team penalties disrupted the O every time they got some rhythm going too. Realistically 6-11 would be a hell of an improvement for a 1-15 team.

  11. Jags picked first overall for a reason. And they played like they want to pick first overall this year too….

  12. People glossing over he also threw for 330+ and 3 tds….maybe don’t make your rookie an throw 51 times…

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