Von Miller praises Teddy Bridgewater’s leadership after Broncos’ Week One win

Denver Broncos and the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium
Getty Images

Von Miller may be the most accomplished player on the Broncos, but he’s happy to have Teddy Bridgewater by his side as a team leader.

Miller praised Bridgewater today after the Broncos won in Bridgewater’s first game as the team’s quarterback.

“He was poised back there,” Miller said. “It’s a great day for Teddy. He gave us a great speech before the game. You can just feel it, the guy’s not faking it. Teddy’s a great pickup for us. I’m glad he’s on my team. He’s a great guy.”

The Broncos have to be thrilled by the way Bridgewater played today. The quarterback position in Denver has been a disaster since Peyton Manning retired, but they may finally have a quarterback who can get the job done in Bridgewater.