Jameis Winston: I’ll reflect on journey back to starting later, we have to get better now

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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After the Saints finished their 38-3 rout of the Packers in Jacksonville on Sunday, quarterback Jameis Winston said that the resiliency of the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Ida “inspired us to go out there and ball” and said that the victory was for them.

Winston would have been forgiven if all of his thoughts weren’t on the people watching the game from afar. It was his first start since leaving the Buccaneers after the 2019 season and he made the most of it by going 14-of-20 for 148 yards, five touchdowns, and no interceptions.

It’s not the kind of stat line we were accustomed to seeing from Winston in Tampa, but he demurred when asked about his reflections about his journey back to a starting job.

“Coach says all the time that we’re in a race to get better,” Winston said. “We are going to celebrate this game today, but there are people dealing with way worse than me right now. There are still people in Louisiana without power. I’ll probably reflect on it after our season is over, but right now we have to keep getting better. There’s some things that I won’t like when I watch the film tonight, so we still have to get better.”

One game won’t tell the whole story of Winston’s season, but it was a promising start to his second life as a starting quarterback in the NFL. More of the same in the weeks to come will make an eventual reflections happy ones for Winston and a lot of others around New Orleans.

8 responses to “Jameis Winston: I’ll reflect on journey back to starting later, we have to get better now

  1. If Jameis doesn’t turn the ball over (BIG IF)…this offense should be better than what it was during Brees’ final years…His arm was gone and defenses never had to respect the deep ball, which is why the Saints could never advance in the playoffs…

  2. It seems like Winston has matured quite a bit in recent years, I hope he experiences continued success on his journey. Also, I think that eye surgery he had along the way might have been a bigger deal than most of us thought. Might have really helped his game.

  3. Way to be humble and give recognition to the city you now represent. That means another way of winning to many of us. Good start to gaining the confidence and respect of both team and fans. Whodat!

  4. Jameis has always had problems handling success going back to his Florida State days. Hopefully he has matured now and takes full advantage of the opportunity Sean Payton gave him. Best of luck to him.

  5. Dude had a great game. Can he sustain it for 17 weeks. Data says no. Hope he does. It would be a great story.

  6. He is nothing special… rely heavily on the running game and not him passing and the Saints should win maybe half their games… Get behind in a game to where they get heavy on the passing game and you down…
    That was not his 1st game with 5 TD and no INTs.. he has had good games in the past but then several stinkers… Kinda like Ryan Fitzpatrick known for!

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