Mac Jones: Definitely wasn’t good enough, starting with me

NFL: SEP 12 Dolphins at Patriots
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A lot of things went well for Patriots quarterback Mac Jones in his first NFL start, but he wasn’t dwelling on positives after the game came to an end.

The Dolphins held on for a 17-16 win after running back Damien Harris lost a late fumble and the Miami offense ran out the clock, which left Jones to lament a loss after going 29-of-39 for 281 yards and a touchdown. He said in his postgame press conference that there was plenty he could have done “to not even be in that situation” with Harris and said that he and the team are capable of more than they showed this Sunday.

“I think we can get better,” Jones said. “That’s just how we have to look at it. Definitely wasn’t good enough, starting with me. So we’ve got to watch the film. We lost, so it’s not good enough.”

Jones said that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels told him to enjoy the day because “you’ll never play a rookie year opening game again, but that’s not how I wanted it to go.” He’ll try for a happier result against fellow 2021 first-rounder Zach Wilson and the Jets next weekend.

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  1. He impresseed with his accuracy and touch. Hes got skills Cam never developed his ente career. He won the starter job because of that. I look forward to watching him develop.

  2. Jones looked very good and poised in his first game. He made throws that Cam Newton just can’t do, and that’s what the Patriots need, even featuring the two tight ends (Henry and Smith) which was completely non-existent last year. His accuracy was impressive, even under duress.

    Even though this was a bad loss, there is the sigh of relief that the Pats have a real QB developing here.

  3. Belichick’s believers still don’t get how hard it is to score 24 points without a receiver who is great at getting behind defenders. I remember them calling Brady a game manager at the beginning of his career, like Brady was supposed to score 24 points with the pathetic squad Belichick gave to him. With the running games, Brady would have scored 24 points, and Pats would have won the game easily, and Belichick’s believers would claim Brady did nothing.

    Mac Jones completed 75% of the passes, INT-free, and would have scored at most 24 points even without a fumble. Do you think he will keep completing 75%? do you think he will keep playing INT-free? Good luck with Belichick.

  4. Four fumbles, and the defense couldnt get a stop at the end of the game when they needed the ball back. Yeah, they need to improve. Jones played pretty well ytesterday, but hes still a rookie. He will make mistakes going forward and hes going to have some bad games. Honestly, the rest of the team needs to minimize their mistakes for the team to have success. hey didnt do that.T

    They had a real chance to win that game yesterday and they let it get it away.

  5. Every journey has to start somewhere. And for Mac, this was a good first step. Definitely something to build on. He didn’t crap all over the field. He played mistake free and had some nice throws in there. He is going to grow from here. We’ll see how they look in late November. That is the team to judge the season by.

    In any case… a good start for Mac. He has 2 fewer INTs than Brady

  6. On the bright side the Patriots have a QB again and it’s nice to know that. They didn’t have one last year.

  7. Honestly, the rest of the team needs to minimize their mistakes for the team to have success.


    Well, that is one of the reasons checking down is so hard : you need so many plays to score, any hiccup may kill the drive. Penalty is one of them unless QB gets rid of balls very very quickly.

  8. Yes, Mac looked really good, but mistake free is just not accurate… his opening drive he got engulfed by the Miami D & made a rookie mistake with his backward throw/spike into the ground & a pass, though very catchable by Meyers, in a roll out could have been higher so it was easie to catch…. Point being he really showed he has some AWESOME potential but is still a rookie & will make those types of mistakes more now than later I bet….Pats fumbled this game away & contributed to that with some very costly penalties & mental errors…. Always stinks to lose close games especially to a division rival….. 16 points just won’t win you many games & the Pats need to work on their red zone offense big time… it’s FAR from all doom & gloom as the mistakes made can be easily corrected….MAC does look like the real deal & I’m VERY EXCITED to watch him grow & develop his skills at the NFL level as the season progresses….WE ARE ONTO THE JETS!!

  9. Watching Tua, I can see why Miami doesn’t see him as their future. He’s decent, but really not the type of QB that can get you deep in the playoffs.

  10. When they let Brady walk I thought Miami would have multiple years of retread Qbs’ in New England. Pats hit a homerun drafting this kid, he is going to be great for years to come. As a Miami fan makes me sick to say it.

  11. When I watched Mac Jones play I saw a rookie with COMPLETE CONTROL of the offense which is rare for a rookie. He has poise in pocket, can make all the throws, and avoids mistakes. Was a great game played by Jones. The Patriots have their QB for the next 15 years. It is not the stats which were excellent but the poise and command and grasp of a complicated NE offense in his first game is unbelievable. Jones will have a great career in NE. He is also a perfect fit in NE. If he stays healthy he will win 2 SB in New England. Let the haters live in fear. NE is on the way back to glory.

  12. He brought Pars down the field till the fumble . Has has nothing to hang his head down about. A rookie and looked good

  13. Mac looked absolutely terrible! What game were you guys watching commenting he made big boy throws? This wasn’t the Ravens D it was the Dolphins. This team won’t even get out of their own division – what a joke

  14. Great game,yesterday! New England found a QB that May develop fast and be their future. Early he looks more like the answer for New England tha Tua does for Miami. For Miami,as a team we don’t need to panic,yet! Our offensive line is far less experienced than New England’s and it will improve this year with experience. Unlike in past years we’ve got solid upgrades that are young at those positions. Just like Mac Jones will develop this year our linemen will as well. I expect at the end of the season the Dolphins and Patriots will be as even a matchup as we saw yesterday. Tua is struggling reading defenses,and it’s starting to look like he may never get there,like many college QB’s with potential. The good news is Miami has the resources to fix it fast and two solid QB’s will be available.

  15. Mac looked absolutely terrible!


    Which game did you watch? he was a rookie, and didn’t call his own plays. It was Belichick and McDaniel who asked him to throw short (though they didn’t realize how hard it was to score enough), Mac did almost the best you could expect from a QB, not mention from a rookie.

  16. Average depth of throw was less than 2 yards. YPA on 10 throws against Miami CBs 5.6 Miami let him dink and dunk between the 20s targeting the LBs in coverage. He didn’t execute in the red zone. Hit the brakes on crowning him after one game.

  17. Jones isn’t going to develop into anything more special than what people saw yesterday. He has a high floor of being average and a very low ceiling otherwise. What you saw yesterday is pretty much what you’re gonna get in the future, with a bit of improvement.

  18. I’m a Dolphins fan, but the fact is Mac looked better than Tua in this game. Tua needs to play better. For now I’m just glad we got the win on the road against a division rival. That’s huge! But, there’s still another 16 games to go. Nobody can rest easy right now.

  19. Jones isn’t going to develop into anything more special than what people saw yesterday. He has a high floor of being average and a very low ceiling otherwise. What you saw yesterday is pretty much what you’re gonna get in the future, with a bit of improvement.

    Totally false..

    Completed 14-of-18 for 124 yards against blitzes (one sack), and 7-of-10 for 71 yards and a TD while pressured —

    Also converted 9-of-12 third downs through the air for 89 yards,

    He became the only NFL rookie quarterback ever to complete 70 percent or more of his passes in his first game.

    Yeah , no upside with this guy. No way he gets better

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