Matt LaFleur says Aaron Rodgers drama didn’t influence blowout loss to Saints

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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Earlier today, we raised the question of whether the Aaron Rodgers drama was a factor in the egg that Packers laid in Jacksonville on Sunday. Coincidentally, Packers coach Matt LaFleur met with the media after our story was posted. And one of the reporters used our item as cover for raising the question with LaFleur.

“There’s a national media site that just before you got in her published a story saying that Rodgers’s uncertain status might have impacted things yesterday,” the reporter said, before asking LaFleur whether there’s anything to that.

“No, I think this team’s focused on now,” LaFleur replied. “And unfortunately, sometimes in this league you get humbled. And certainly we got humbled. Like I said, it’s about how we respond to that. How we come back to work. How we stay together. And get ready to play against a team I know is gonna be really hungry coming in here.”

The Packers should be able to handle the Lions on Monday night. If the Lions pull the upset and send the Packers to 0-2, Green Bay will be staring at a trip to San Francisco for the 49ers’ home opener — and quite possibly an 0-3 start.

Even if the Rodgers drama wasn’t a factor on Sunday, at some point it will be. Whether it’s his lack of involvement with teammates from January to late July, the possibility that he rushed a decision just before the start of the season and his heart’s really not in it, and/or a chance that if the season starts to crumble he may decide to walk away (or agitate for a trade), his broader status as it relates to the organization will become front and center if/when it appears that his swan song is morphing into an ugly duckling.

37 responses to “Matt LaFleur says Aaron Rodgers drama didn’t influence blowout loss to Saints

  1. Joe Barry better be sending thank you cards out.

    He’s the one that should have a target on his back after yesterday.

  2. Confirmed once again;

    Kevin King is the worst corner in the League. Possibly the worst of the Leagues 704 starters.

  3. Tom Brady and Tampa Bay lost 38-3 to the Saints last year. Its week two and the Packers are tied for first in the NFC North. Packer nation needs to chill.

  4. As a lifelong Washington fan, I will tell you the problem lays solely at the feet of Joe Barry. I can’t believe he got another job as defensive coordinator.

  5. I’ve never seen this much coverage over a blow out loss nationally. The Falcone got blown out 32 -6 and no one bats an eyelash. You brought on yourself A A Ron and everyone including your team mates won’t call you out because they worried about getting the stink eye. Guess missing OTAs wasn’t such a good idea but we were all assured by some in Packer Nation it was no big deal.

  6. No axe to grind in this; I feel bad for LaFleur in that his most important player doesn’t seem to give a dam about whether he should be on the same page as his coach, and the toxic effect that has on the rest of the team. As a Saints fan I’m grateful that Loomis and Payton have built a culture over time where everyone from coaches to players to support staff is on the same page, and the focus is solely on giving the team the best chance to win football games, natural disasters or no.

  7. LaFleur may be correct and truthful here, but really, if he knew for a fact that the drama is practically wrecking his team, do you think he’s going to say it?

  8. I’d rather see Love start every game and try his best than watch a top to bottom cluster like the NO game again.

  9. It’s a long season and I fully expect the Packers to win their division. But that said, the mental side of the game is just as important as the physical side. If Aaron Rodgers isn’t in the right frame of mind the Packers chances to win the SB will go way down. The QB position is too critical. A distracted QB will have a hell of a time gaining the mental edge needed to win it all.

  10. Dumpster fire and distractions abound in Green Bay. Negative energy ruins a lot. Very interested to see what happens next in the soap opera.

    Matt LeFluer wasn’t being honest. Rodgers behaviour damaged the teams chemistry and confidence, and he allowed it.

  11. Packers fan for 50 plus years The GM and President should have traded him before the season clearly he did not want to be here .
    So we’ll have a super crappy year and get who knows what in a trade about half of what we could have gotten .
    I say clean house a new GM / President / QB next season keep the HC he is the only innocent one in the bunch .

  12. Here’s the problem of this game.

    No one wants to accept the fact that the Saints are the better football team. No one wants to mention that their defense is really good. No one wants to say Jameis is going to be a better QB in Payton’s scheme. No one wants to say that the packers got absolutely whipped in the trenches, even after the Saints had to shuffle their offensive line durning the first quarter. Also, the Saints defensive line missing their best interior rusher.

    Everyone in the national media just wants to point to the drama and say that’s why the lost. Because 100% of the media picked the packers to win the game, many to the win Super Bowl, and had the Saints dropping well out of their top tens, and be a middling team. The AR drama is a much better thing to glob on to than your stupid takes.

  13. Joe Barry help lead Detroit to their perfect season (0 and 16). Did Green Bay hire him to get the #1 pick in 2022, so Rodgers can get who he wants?

  14. Rodgers stunk , no question about it . That being said he was by far not the only reason the Packers lost . The defense was terrible and the OL struggled as well . What we are seeing is a Packer team that Rodgers carried along with some key veterans who left in FA last year showing the lack of talent remaining when he struggles . The defense struggled last year yet outside of drafting yet another CB , Stokes who barely saw the field very little was done to bolster the roster so struggling should not be unexpected . The OL lost 2 starters with Bakhtiari out for a minimum of 6 games which forced 2 rookies into the starting lineup so again struggles should be expected . Bottom line even if Rodgers returns to form which is no sure thing the Packers will continue to feel the impact of a roster that is lacking in talent on both sides of the ball .

  15. Joe Barry has been a bum everywhere he’s gotten a chance to be in charge.

    Why does he keep getting hired ? Oh yea, friends.

  16. Would love it if the Lions upset Green Bay Monday Night. Then we can hear LaFleur talk out of the side of his mouth.

  17. Not to worry. Next week they get the Lions at home. The standard MO for so many years is for the Packers to beat up the perennially weak members of their own division, especially Detroit.

  18. Lions fan here (cue the laughter). There is ABSOUTELY NO WAY on God’s gray earth that the Lions beat Green Bay Monday night. BET YOUR CHILDREN!!

    Rodgers will throw for 5 touchdowns, but I want anyone in football to win and not Aaron Rodgers. Egotistical bum….

  19. Anyone who doesn’t think Rodgers actions played a significant part of the reason the Packers lost is not being realistic. It was apparent Rodgers was not “into” the game from the very beginning. It was also obvious his pouting started early in the game and became more pronounced as the game went on. Then in the post-game interviews, Rodgers “blamed” the loss on the team rather than taking responsibility for the loss; responsibility/credit he has always taken for a win! His preseason antics are costing the Packers the ability to have a cohesive unit and I predict it will get worse as the season progresses.

  20. It is a freakin joke the Saints are getting absolutely no credit for just plain stomping the Packers. Maybe the superior O and D lines might have had something to do with it. Perhaps the fact GB receivers were blanketed all day might have contributed? Just a bunch of self-indulgent national media morons trying to justify their pick of the Packers to win. “Well, I’m brilliant and it just had to be that the Packers and Rodgers were tanking. I can’t be wrong.”

  21. The head coach can only do so much hype with the players to get ready. It seems at least one guy with long hair didnt want to play the game and has checked out, You guess who that is.

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