Nick Sirianni: Jalen Hurts was in “complete control” of the offense

NFL: SEP 12 Eagles at Falcons
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The first drive of the Eagles season ended with quarterback Jalen Hurts hitting first-round pick DeVonta Smith with an 18-yard touchdown pass and things kept going well from Hurts for the rest of the afternoon.

Hurts threw three touchdowns, ran for 62 yards, and led the Eagles to a 32-6 rout of the Falcons in Atlanta. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said after the game that Hurts was in “complete control” of the offense in his first regular season outing in the offense Sirianni brought to the team this offseason.

“It’s me going out there and doing what I’m coached to do,” Hurts said, via Reuben Frank of “We prepare, we hit it every day. I always talk about executing. I want to execute at a high level running the ball, throwing the ball, alignment things, situation things, I just want to execute at a high level.”

Hurts did just that on Sunday afternoon and that performance will create a lot of optimism about what’s to come in the next 16 games of his first season with Sirianni.

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  1. There will be tougher days ahead starting next week with the 49ers but it’s great to be able to celebrate a day when everything went right after a year in which everything went wrong.

    The eagles also escaped without any significant injuries, something they couldn’t say after most games last year. Let’s hope they can keep it up.

  2. Eagles are in sole possession of 1st place in the NFC East after week 1. Siri’s debut couldn’t have gone much better. Off to a good start!

  3. What boggles my mind is that, despite rave reviews from players, coaches, and any media that actually SAW him play in practice and training camp, the people that DIDN’T see him just kept saying how bad he was going to be. Now, it’s just one game, and things could change very quickly, but Hurts looked like he knew what he was supposed to be doing within the offense and was able to freelance when it was required without getting in over his head and playing Carson Wentz style hero ball.

  4. After 5-6 games they get a book on him and see if they can make him do things he likes to avoid.
    Time will tell.

  5. Yeah, but hero ball and getting stuffed in a locker repeatedly by the D is Carson’s entire game.

  6. 50DrunksInABar,

    I’ve been saying this since the draft process. It’s almost like the media has an agenda and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Furthermore, it’s almost like a lot of the fans parrot what they’re told instead of making up their own minds on things. He’s looked promising since he got those late starts last year. Beating that Saint team and that defense was not an easy task, especially with the well-documented offensive line problems the Eagles had.

  7. Very pleased to see the team do well in a game where I felt they would struggle. Some of the experts predicted the Eagles would go 0-8 through the first half of the year. (So, at least that’s not the case). It looks like this team will have a chance to win more than just a few games. Optimistic, yes! But excited? as eaglesfanalways said … Let’s wait until the next 2-3 to get excited. (but gotta admit, it would be nice).

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