Preorder Playmakers, sign up for the Playmakers podcast


We announced last week the new Playmakers podcast. But since it’s Monday (and given that we have much more traffic on in-season Mondays), I’m mentioning it again.

The Playmakers podcast is available only to those who preorder the book. It’s free of charge, but only if you preorder the book.

So why not go ahead and preorder the book?

As usual, here’s the Amazon link. If you prefer to buy from Barnes and Noble, you can preorder it there. Or you can order it from Book-A-Million. Or through Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, can hook you up.

Also, if you want to devalue the book, you can order a signed copy from Premiere Collectibles.

You can then upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website to register for the Playmakers podcast. The first episode if coming Friday. The book is coming on March 15.

Between now and then, you’ll see plenty of reminders to buy the book. So why not just go ahead and get it over with?