Report: No Lamar Jackson extension because he’s “immersed” in football


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has no agent. Lamar Jackson is negotiating his next contract on his own. The latest update on the situation, frankly, reads like a jointly-issued press release by team and player.

Adam Schefter of reports that Lamar “is immersed in his quarterbacking job, a primary reason that he and the Ravens haven’t yet agreed to an extension.” Schefter adds that “[n]egotiations have taken a back seat throughout training camp and into the season, according to sources, but both sides expect to complete a deal.”

It sounds good, but it’s not. If Jackson’s focus on football has kept him from focusing on his contract, then he should have an agent. As he starts his fourth NFL season, it’s critical that he push the injury risk to the team by getting long-term security. Given his playing style, it’s even more important for him than it is for other quarterbacks.

What if he suffers an injury tonight? What if it’s a major injury? The notion that player and team have decided to put a pin in the conversations helps the team. Not the player.

Let’s play this out to its logical conclusion. If Jackson was too focused on football from the start of training camp until the start of the regular season, why would he suddenly not be immersed in football with the games that count starting? The bye comes in Week Eight; maybe they can get the deal done then.

Until the bye, Jackson has seven games. And he has seen season-ending injuries already happen to running back J.K. Dobbins, running back Gus Edwards, running back Justice Hill, and cornerback Marcus Peters.

Without an agent, Jackson will get 100 percent of whatever he negotiates for himself. Beginning tonight, that 100 percent will be 100 percent in jeopardy.

Maybe that still would have happened if he had an agent. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has entered his fourth year without a new deal. However, there’s a very real difference between Mayfield and Jackson. The Browns aren’t fully sold on Mayfield, yet. The Ravens, however, are all-in on Jackson.

If Jackson tears an ACL or ruptures an Achilles or otherwise suffers a serious injury before he can prioritize his contract, he’ll suddenly have plenty of time to negotiate his deal. At that point, however, the Ravens likely will be immersed in waiting for him to get healthy again before making a long-term financial commitment.

27 responses to “Report: No Lamar Jackson extension because he’s “immersed” in football

  1. I like the kid but between having no agent, no vaccine and some of the other blatantly stupide decisions he’s made (social media post’s of speeding over 100mph while filming himself) I would not give him crazy money, not until he starts showing maturity and I’m not sure at this point he will ever get there. I wish him luck though

  2. It’s not a matter of if, but when he’ll get injured. Yes, he saw his running back teammates go down. He should also remember his teammate from his first few years in the league – RG3 and what happened to him to land himself into a permanent backup role. There is no more vulnerable QB in the league than Lamar, given his style. To team owners it’s a business. Lamar needs to get an agent to let them know HE means business.

  3. They should trade Jackson now while his value is at its highest. He will never win a Superbowl. Paying him NFL starting QB money will hurt the team around them even more. If Baltimore was smart they would trade Jackson be really bad this year and use those assets to get a real quarterback and go from there.

  4. What an idiot. This is exactly why he needs an agent. Should have agreed to a deal BEFORE the league exposes his lack of ability to, you know, throw the football?!?

  5. Give me a break! Could this franchise and its players try and harder to get the media to salivate over them.

  6. I am no skin in this subject. However, I don’t think Lamar is crazy at all…Agents are double dipping on many occasions. They are the agent AND the attorney (two different jobs). Well, why do you need both? Only because a lot of agents are “certified” and have “relationships” with GMs? Its all about the guaranteed money anyway. What the article has not conveniently shared is its probably known that Jackson and his Mom ARE NOT sitting down reading all the language in their contract and then negotiating it themselves. I am 1000% sure they have attorneys that have experience in the NFL arena negotiating in their behalf. And if the guaranteed money is not right, then why would he sign it anyway? He is showing the organization great commitment, by not making a stink about it, 100% preparing, 100% practicing and 100% playing. It appears to me that the media is the only one making it an issue. SMH…

  7. not really smart to go to negotiations alone with no experience vs an NFL office full of lawyers.
    they like him now but they wont act like it during negotiations. feelings get hurt, things are said, some you cant walk back.
    i think its a dumb move to save 4%

  8. He doesn’t have to sign and the team doesn’t have to negotiate. If he gets injured he will end up like Dak with a massive contract. They are not changing QB direction.

  9. He’s betting on himself. Maybe the Ravens are lowballing him, and he wants to put them in the position where they have to overpay him. It worked for Joe Flacco.

  10. Some chance, I suppose, he took out insurance against injury. That would change the equation.

    Frankly, though, if I’m the Ravens or anyone else, I wouldn’t give a long term high dollar guarantees contract to someone that plays like Lamar. Great player but too much risk of injury. The cost of insurance running the length of a long term deal would probably be prohibitive versus a year to year policy for Lamar.

  11. The problem with this type of QB is they earn thier 2nd contract by what they did on their 1st contract. the style of play is exciting in college and your first years in the NFL.
    Name me 1 qb of this style, rgIII , Cam ,Vick who was worth thir 2nd contract. that they earned a 3rd or won a superbowl?

  12. Don’t do it Baltimore! I wonder how many more times Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will get bumped early out of the playoffs before their fans start turning on Lamar and screaming for a trade? This will be a Jared Goff contract level of regret for Ravens fans. There’s always a fine between optimism and denial.

  13. Funny thing is, Josh Allen has more career rushing TD’s than Lamar Jackson and ran 9 times Sunday. Wonder why the narrative is different?

  14. In Lamar’s 37 starts 3rd most TD’s ever if your talking passing tied 11th most all time with Rogers and all he receives is hate I don’t get it but than again I do.

  15. I think he’s immersed in waiting for Mayfield to sign a contract first, to set the floor for his own.

  16. Why does everyone act like he’s the ONLY qb who’s negotiating a contract?? The same exact thing could be said for Baker Mayfield, if not more because he doesnt get 100% of what he makes. So how is this only a Lamar problem? People just hate the kid for no reason.

  17. I hope he doesn’t tear anything before he signs that contract – -everyone else seems too

    Get your money son – -get hurt and it’s regret city

  18. Lamar is not hedging anything. Name me the NFL QB who led his team to the playoffs in each of his first 3 seasons, won MVP and did not get paid top tier money, I’ll wait.

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