Trevor Lawrence: We can’t let this snowball

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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The Jaguars came into Sunday’s game as favorites over a Texans team that most people have written off for the season, but it didn’t turn out to be a triumphant NFL debut for head coach Urban Meyer and quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Lawrence threw three interceptions, the team committed a slew of penalties, and the Texans got a 37-21 after leading by as many as 27 points during the game. Meyer said after the game that “we’ve all got our ass kicked before” and that the team has to “tighten up and go” as they move toward the rest of the season.

Lawrence didn’t get his ass kicked much at Clemson, but said he knows he will respond well and echoed Meyer’s call to move past a disappointing start.

“It obviously sucks,” Lawrence said, via Michael DiRocco of “Losing’s always hard, especially when you feel like you’re prepared and had a great week and really think we were ready. Just obviously didn’t play well. It starts with me. I played really bad tonight. Disappointing for sure. I still believe in this team. I still know what we’re capable of. We did some good things. We started off with some penalties, three-and-out; but then after that, we had a couple good drives, we’re hitting some big plays. There’s a lot of good things there, and we’ve got to keep doing those and learn from the bad. We’ve got to watch it and learn from it, for sure, but then flip the page. It’s a long season. We can’t let this snowball. We’ve got to move on and go win next week.”

Lawrence played in two losses while in college. If the Jaguars are as sloppy against Denver as they were in Houston, he’ll likely match that total two weeks into his NFL career.

9 responses to “Trevor Lawrence: We can’t let this snowball

  1. Oh Trevor. It’s going to snowball, avalanche and maybe even ice age- lol! You’re only hope is a trade, but even that is years down the road.

  2. The Jaguars are not a good football team. That’s why they have him in the first place. But I will say the the Texans played a lot better than most people expected.

  3. #1 pick. No offensive line. No defense. No wins.

    They had a boatload of money to spend in free agency and signed a bunch of guys that were mediocre at best. That still might have been an upgrade for Jax but they still don’t give them an NFL-caliber defense. Then you have the offensive line that has largely been ignored since Tom Coughlin left. They had a chance to draft one with their second first-round pick. Yeah, they whiffed on that one. Anyone who expected Baalke to come in and build an NFL team was delusional. He’ll make this team even worse than it was, which is quite an accomplishment. The owner doesn’t really care about winning. He only cares about using the team to get sweetheart real estate deals from the city.

  4. Was Urban confused and thought this was just another preseason game? Because to be that totally unprepared offensively in his very first NFL game is inexcusable. Penalized for too many guys in the huddle, multiple illegal formation penalties, and two burned timeouts in the first quarter to avoid delay of game?! All of that comes back to preparation and coaching. I think he saw all the issues in Houston and figured they had this one in the bag before the game even started. He’s in for lots of rude awakenings in the NFL.

  5. Urban Myer about to have another health crisis soon and retire again. The Jaguars are a hot mess.

  6. Reminds me of another rookie QB/coach combo. Jimmy Johnson, like Urban Meyer came over from college and joined the worst NFL team. But being the worst team means you have the #1 pick, and you have a roster full of bad players. The Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman with the first pick, and Troy went 0-11 his rookie season. It’s tough being a rookie QB on the worst team in football, and with a college coach. Well, Troy and Jimmy are both in the Pro Football HOF after winning multiple super bowls, but they started out just like Urban and Trevor. But that Cowboys team had been coached by Tom Landry all those years, so they had a completely new coaching staff, with an all new defense and an all new offense. And they didn’t have very good players. But slowly, they started changing the personnel, and they adapted to the new playbook. It didn’t happen overnight, and it probably won’t in this case either. But if history tends to repeat itself, and it does, the most similar comparison to Trevor Lawrence would be Troy Aikman. The Cowboys went 1-15 that first year, but Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman had always been winners, and they tuned out the noise coming from outside their building.

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