Carl Nassib becomes first openly gay player to play in NFL game

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib became the first openly gay player to play in an NFL game on Monday night, and it may be a sign of progress that when he spoke with reporters afterward, that wasn’t the first thing he was asked about.

Instead, Nassib spoke first about his sack and forced fumble that set up the Raiders’ game-winning touchdown in overtime. Only later did a reporter tell Nassib of a young fan who had never attended an NFL game before, but went to Monday night’s game in a Nassib jersey because Nassib inspired him.

“That’s amazing,” Nassib said. “It was really special. I’m really happy that we got the win on the day that kind of made a little bit of history which was really nice to do. Had a lot of people come before me in the LGBTQ community that helped me get to where I am. I’m super thankful for that. I can’t wait to get to Pittsburgh next week and keep this thing going.”

Michael Sam came out as openly gay before the Rams drafted him in 2014. Sam played in the preseason but never played in a regular-season game. Sam was the subject of intense media attention as a gay NFL player, but Nassib is getting attention mostly for just being a football player.

13 responses to “Carl Nassib becomes first openly gay player to play in NFL game

  1. its about dispelling the notion that being gay is something to hide or be ashamed about. Not a hard concept to understand folks! good for him.

  2. The point people seem to continually ignore is that he didn’t do it for himself. When someone uses their status in a way he did it provides comfort to those less than him. If he can stand in the spotlight and say this is who I am, then others will too. There is way too much of a stigma around the world of what/who we should be/do as humans. If a professional athlete wants to bring things to light such as lqbqta/depression/oppression/racism/addiction etc. then who are we to judge? I’d much rather hear about players setting positive examples instead of negative ones.

  3. i wonder what the players are saying amongst themseleves and not what they tell the media….


    Nassib is 6’7, 275 lbs, guarantee they ain’t saying it to his face

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