Derek Carr 31-yard touchdown pass to Zay Jones lifts Raiders to 33-27 OT win over Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
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It took two “walk-off” touchdowns for the Las Vegas Raiders to finally earn a 33-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night.

Derek Carr hit Zay Jones for a 31-yard touchdown in overtime to finally give Las Vegas the win minutes after it appeared they had won the game on a pass from Carr to Bryan Edwards. Carr found Edwards for what appeared to be a 33-yard touchdown pass on the opening possession of overtime that had the two teams exchanging pleasantries on the field believing the game was over. Edwards was eventually ruled down at the 1-yard line and the Raiders couldn’t close the deal.

Carr was stuffed on a quarterback sneak, Alex Leatherwood false started and then Carr was intercepted in the end zone on a deflected pass intended for Willie Snead IV by Anthony Averett to give the Ravens life. However, Carl Nassib would sack Lamar Jackson and force a fumble on Baltimore’s next drive that gave the ball back to the Raiders for a second chance to seal away the game. The Raiders were going to attempt a field goal only for a delay of game to move them back to a slightly less comfortable yardage. Carr then hit Jones for the walk-off win.

Carr finished the night with 435 yards passing with two touchdowns and the overtime interception.

After jumping out to a 14-0 lead, the Ravens offense stagnated. On a Jackson scramble, Quinton Jefferson punched the ball free as Denzel Perryman recovered to give the ball back to the Raiders at the Baltimore 41-yard line.

Jacobs converted a third down and a check down to Kenyan Drake for 16 yards moved Las Vegas inside the red zone before Jacobs’ touchdown run brought the game back to level, 17-17, with 9:18 left to play. Jacobs finished with a pair of touchdowns for Las Vegas.

The Ravens immediately answered on the next drive as Jackson connected with Sammy Watkins on a 49-yard strike to move Baltimore to the Raiders’ 8-yard line. Just three days after signing with the Ravens, Latavius Murray scored from eight yards out to put the Ravens back on top.

Carr and the Raiders would counter punch as well. A 37-yard connection from Carr to Henry Ruggs on third-and-10 moved the Raiders to the Baltimore 10-yard line. Even a holding penalty on Leatherwood didn’t stall the drive as a 10-yard touchdown pass from Carr to Darren Waller again brought the game level at 24-24.

Jackson scrambled through the Raiders defense for 28 yards before Justin Tucker‘s 47-yard field goal put Baltimore back ahead, 27-24, with 37 seconds remaining. But Carr and the Raiders wouldn’t go quietly into the night.

Carr connected with Bryan Edwards on back-to-back throws for 20 and 18 yards, respectively, with a pair of spikes to stop the clock before Daniel Carlson drilled a 55-yard field goal with two seconds left to send the game to overtime.

Jackson finished 19 of 30 for 235 yards and a touchdown and two lost fumbles. He fumbled three times overall for Baltimore.

The Ravens had won their last five season openers prior to Monday night in Las Vegas.

63 responses to “Derek Carr 31-yard touchdown pass to Zay Jones lifts Raiders to 33-27 OT win over Ravens

  1. Does Gruden take the blame for that blunder of a delay of game penalty that could of cost them the win? Shameful

  2. Ravens fans acting like they put one over on the Steelers when they signed Villanueva. How’s that working out for you? He was a revolving door out there tonight. My only regret is that he was so bad, there’s no way he is still starting by the time they get to Watt and the Steelers.

  3. Gruden always looks like a man who never has any luck when tv cuts to him. The football gods finally cut him some slack.

  4. Only took one game for the excuses to arrive and absolve Lamar from any blame. It can’t ever be his fault. I mean, only 235 yards passing and 2 fumbles in key moments didn’t have anything to do with the loss. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. As usual he had his awesome scrambles, making positive plays when literally no other QB in the league could do the same. But his penchant for poor reads, holding the ball, inaccurate throws, and turnovers at key moments are the other side of the equation too.

  5. Derek Carr has been in the league for 8 years & still doesn’t know how to dump the ball off instead of taking a sack? It’s no wonder Gruden keeps looking to replace him. Figure it out Carr – even rookies know better than that.
    He got lucky tonight with his defense bailing him out after an awful 100mph pass from 5 yards away that was deflected and intercepted in the end zone during OT. They won – despite Derek Carr.

  6. Lamar Jackson just is not that good. I’ve never seen a QB more hyped than Jackson. But he’s not a very good passer and his ball security issues are glaring. I don’t know if the Ravens will or should extend him.

  7. Raiders are a diamond in the rough, they have a lot of work to do but a lot of potential and finally a defense to keep them in games.

  8. Baltimore like Green Bay being one player away from cellar-dweller. One sees how good Green Bay is when their X-factor guy isn’t clicking. I hope Lamar stays healthy having to scamper 24/7 playing sandlot because there are no ‘plays’ if there is no line.

  9. Lost fumbles hurt for sure – I think I was more upset about how terrible our OLine was – the Raiders DLine was great, no getting around that, but that pocket was collapsing all night long.

  10. I was certain the Raiders were going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but they managed to surprise me.

  11. Let’s hear it haters? Anybody got anything to say about DC4 tonight? Guess not.

    Derek Carr the most clutch qb in the league not named Tom Brady.

  12. Willie Snead? Really??? Don’t try and be cute that should have been a Renfro ball. Heck of a game! Season tone setter!

  13. Tough to beat an opponent on the road on MNF in first game of their new stadium. Ravens had an awful pre-season of injuries, but I have faith Harbaugh can still steer them to the playoffs.

  14. If the Ravens ever get a real QB so they can move Jackson to his natural position of RB they may have something going on. But losing to a team like the Raiders just highlites his deficiencies running an offense.

  15. The Ravens play caller Greg Roman was completely out of touch with the game. He kept trying to pass when the oline for all the world to see could not block and he took the game out of LJs hands to run for first downs.

  16. Great Game, proud of my Raiders for hanging in there and staying in the game mentally.

    Salute to Yannik who was playing well and Crosby for blacking out and getting tons of pressure. Defense as a whole still has some work to limit these big home run plays but played solid overall. Carr is Captain Clutch.

  17. LaRun should have a) gotten an agent, and b) signed a max deal because the number and the years are only going to go down from this point forward.

    If you’re the Ravens there’s still time to find a quarterback. No need to drop 9 figures on a Running Back who suffers from chronic fumblitis.

  18. “Jackson finished 19 of 30 for 235 yards and a touchdown and two lost fumbles. He fumbled three times overall for Baltimore” is not a $40/year sentence.

  19. About 25 years ago I proposed to my girlfriend of 4 years because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do and everyone kept pressuring me to do it. But something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t place my finger on it but it just felt not right. So I fled, took a lot of heat in the process but in the end I found the right girl 5 years later and both of them are actually happier for it, as am I.

    Harbaugh and DeCosta, fair warning. Do the right thing. Cheers.

  20. That game was sure…something. Comedic at first, got hot late, then back to comedy in OT before Raiders came up clutch in the end. Over all nice game.

  21. Don’t understand why the Ravens continued calling cover 0 man. It’s like they wanted the raiders to score smh what a joke

  22. The Raiders are going to be that team that either chokes and loses the game, or comes back to win it at the end. No in between. I am going to need some Xanax either way for this season. I literally almost puked with that INT in the end zone.

  23. Since my original comment didn’t get approved, gotta switch it up. Awesome win for my Raiders. Carr is the new Captain Comeback. Crosby was a beast, and Renfrow has served notice to opposing defenses that he is a real threat.

  24. As a life long Raiders fan that was one of the best wins on a big stage ive seen. Hats of to the entire team, organization and fan base on a great victory. Still hard to watch the officiating ( mainly on non calls against M.Crosby and absurd contact against our WR’s) Spotlights on Grudens redzone and H.Ruggs, please figure it out. Lets go Raiders!!!!!

  25. touchback6 says:
    September 14, 2021 at 9:46 am
    Baltimore got tuned up and choked down a lead. lol!!
    That was a tough one. To me the worst part was giving up the tying field goal in regulation. You can’t let a team with no time outs march 37 yards and kick a tying field goal in 35 seconds. Inexcusable!!

  26. The Ravens offensive line is attrocious. It went from being one of the best in the league just a year or two ago to one of the worst. Lamar was running for his life all night long. Lamar is carrying the Ravens.

  27. The Ravens playcalling and O line cost them the game! Lamar was his usual MVP unstoppable self! Oh wait, I actually watched this game. And 235 yards passing, 2 fumbles at critical times, and a constant inability to make the right reads and hit wide open receivers throughout the game had nothing to do with their loss? Right. This was actually Playoff Lamar– a few awesome scrambles, a couple of decent passes, but the vast body of work was below average and even worse, killer turnovers. That is the formula that has not worked in the playoffs for years now, and he did it again last night. Normally he beats up bad defenses like the Raiders in the regular season so the Ravens must be very worried.

  28. There are 16 more games to go. It’s a long season (the longest). Raiders need to get/remain healthy. Ravens need to get healthy. Lot’s of competition in the AFC West and the North. On to Pittsburgh.

  29. nozwetrust says:
    September 14, 2021 at 10:51 am

    That was a tough one. To me the worst part was giving up the tying field goal in regulation. You can’t let a team with no time outs march 37 yards and kick a tying field goal in 35 seconds. Inexcusable!!

    That was shocking. I thought the game was over at that point with the Raiders left with 37 seconds and no timeouts. A good D doesnt allow that to happen.

    The Raiders have enough talent to be a scrappy out for a lot of teams, but the Ravens used to be one of the teams that could handle teams like that. Mainly up front. It seemed like the Raiders wanted it more when it counted.

    The Ravens D had multiple opportunities to end it. The Raiders did almost everything in the 2nd half. They wore them down which normally doesnt happen to the Ravens D.

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