Lamar Jackson mad at himself after two lost fumbles

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson lost two fumbles in Monday night’s loss to the Raiders, and afterward he was angry at himself.

“That ticked me off. I hate fumbles, I hate any type of turnover,” Jackson said. “Two hands on the ball. I just could’ve taken a sack, if anything.”

On Twitter, Jackson had a more profane reaction to his fumbles.

Jackson will have to shake off the Week One loss quickly, as the Ravens have a short work week before their Week Two home game against the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. Jackson acknowledged that it’s a challenge.

“We have to prepare well and get ready for a great team Sunday night,” Jackson said. “We’ve got to make something happen.”

Jackson and the Ravens need to play better against the Chiefs to avoid an 0-2 start to the season.

59 responses to “Lamar Jackson mad at himself after two lost fumbles

  1. what in the world went on at the end of the overtime, first different players in then a too much time penalty, then the original back in and a touchdown???

  2. Jackson has got to be one of the most frustrating players in the league.

    talented, physically imposing, has all the tools,seems like a good leader. he dominates games- and then makes game killing mistakes – fumbles like tonight, or throws totally bone headed picks at key moments like he has in the past.

    I have said it a few times- team management has been put in a really tough position w him. it’s gonna cost what , 45- 50m to sign Jackson to an extension? and they basically have no choice or there would be a mutiny w the fans and it’s back to chasing a qb like so many teams are.

    but man, with all of the good he can do, he seems to make bad decisions in the biggest moments.

    also with his style of play being based on the running threat, and the hits he takes sometimes, injury is a real concern, and as soon as he loses a step his game could really suffer unless he really develops his drop back game, accuracy, and decision making.

    I have this feeling that when he starts falling off its gonna be a hard hard fall, and there’s a good chance that’s gonna happen a lot sooner than people think.

    personally, i don’t think you can hand him 50m. what’s Jackson gonna be like in a few years? and what’s he gonna be like when he takes a massive portion of the cap and it’s harder to put pieces around him? w that said , he’s gonna get that deal.

  3. He should be! He completely Vicked the last one juking around the pcket with the ball in one hand down by his knee. Hes been in the league long enogh that this behavior shold be corrected by now and out of his game. Big time fail by him AND coaches too!

  4. Trust me Lamar Jackson will never win a Superbowl. Think twice before giving him a massive contract

  5. I thought Jackson said teams couldn’t “figure him out “. Looks like the Raiders didn’t have much trouble.

  6. Losing to the Raiders is rough. I know it was their opening home game in a new stadium, but the crowd noise was minimal, that LV fan base is completely undeveloped, so we can’t blame the energy.

  7. Lamar needed to say it.He didn’t get the chance to lay on his belly and smack the ground like Baker Mayfield.

  8. live by the sword, die by the sword…. you want to bank on this style of football, good luck, I’ll pass

  9. I love how everyone wants to blast Lamar. But if you watched that game, on every snap, there was a Raider defender in the backfield IMMEDIATELY. To top it off Roman doesn’t stick to plays that are working and he doesn’t know what a screen or bootleg is. If anyone needs to get fired, it’s Roman. And get Lamar a frigging O-Line that can pass protect.

  10. I mean, if I’m Baltimore’s front office, I just franchise him twice after the 5 years of his rookie contract + 5th year option. It may cost a lot but jeez, if he lasts 7 years in the league without losing a step or getting injured? Then you can evaluate and sign him or don’t, but to hand him money in year 4 when you have 3 more years of control to evaluate seems like a waste. He is WILDLY inaccurate throwing the ball. Like, guys were wide open, standing still and Lamar still couldn’t get the ball to them. Too risky to lock up for big money if you ask me.

  11. My Raiders should have lost this game, terrible form them. Thanks for helping with that Mr. Jackson.

  12. Take away the fumbles and Jackson played fairly well last night. His passing was great at times, and mediocre at times.

    The main thing is he needs to learn to slide or get out of bounds before taking hits when he runs. He’s not built like Cam, he can’t take the punishment and, obviously, fumbles are a concern.

  13. I have never understand the hype around Jackson. He’s just not that good of a QB. He’s not a very good passer, and you can’t hide that flaw in the NFL. I think he will end up a back up QB somewhere. If I’m the Ravens, I don’t know if I want to extend his contract.

  14. Lamar showed last nite that he wants to be a 1-man show. They’re gonna lose a lot this season.

  15. Vegas needs to solve their running game. Baltimore’s O-line is as bad as any the NFL has ever seen. Westry was Baltimore’s best player and Carr’s accuracy is legit. Vegas deserved to win, the game was entertaining, and it’s doubtful either team makes the playoffs.

  16. He should be ticked off. Having the ball held low, with one hand, AND away from the ball carrier’s body is a dream scenario to a defender. It was poor ball-control and a lack of spatial awareness. Jackson was inconsistent with the way he held the ball: at times, he cradled it, like he was protecting a baby (good); but other times, he held it like he was handing off to an invisible person. The O line did not play great, but it was good enough to win this game. Still, the Ravens found a way to lose it. Luckily for them, there will be a lot of tape for a masterclass of things not to do.

    Go Ravens!

  17. No big surprise that he was the leading rusher. It’s because he can’t read defenses and his first inclination is to run. Lamar the RB cost the Ravens the game last night. I can’t wait for Baltimore to sign him to a huge extension. LOL.

  18. The Baltimore Ravens will never win a championship with Lamar Jackson as quarterback. Make him a wide receiver or running back to use his exceptional athletic skills! Why give Jackson franchise quarterback money when he’s not a quarterback!

  19. The Packers and and Ravens kind of have the same problem. Either your O line practices to open up the run or it practices to block for the passer. When they try and do both well, one of those ways fails. Rodgers had guys in his face all game and so did Jackson because the O line was designed to do more run blocking then anything else.

  20. You are better off with someone like Mac Jones who stays in the pocket than someone who wants to run all the time. Lamar may be more physically gifted and flashy but the Ravens are not going to go all the way with this guy. If you take his flashy runs away he is nothing special. The good teams can stop his running when they get in the playoffs. Wondering if Fields and Lance will be the same way.

  21. Wow! All of this criticism for Lamar Jackson playing his heart out. Probably the most dedicated and exciting player in the league and all he gets is criticised. So typical! Besides Mahomes, Brady, Wilson and Maybe Rogers – who is better than LaMar? And don’t come at me with Josh Allen – he looked like trash this weekend!! And no the bills haven’t won anything with him either. Go Figure!

  22. Lamar Jackson was pressured on 54% of his drop backs compared to 26% for Derek Carr. That was the difference in the game. Any time the Ravens went empty back field or the Raiders knew he had to pass, Lamar was running for his life. It’s amazing he only lost 2 fumbles and didn’t throw any picks. His Oline was HORRIBLE. The Raiders blitzed 3 times all game, meaning they got pressure with 4. Brady lost 2 Super Bowls against the Giants for this exact same reason. Mahomes lost the Super Bowl because of a bad Oline. I don’t care who’s behind this Oline, they’re not having success. But I forgot, Lamar doesn’t get those excuses, only the QBs we like that plays QB like we want them to play gets these excuses. Lamar’s biggest issue this game was trying to do too much. Regardless of the pressure, you have to figure out a way to protect the ball. Sometimes taking the sack and punting is a win.

  23. Is he a RB or QB? Until the Ravens figure that out they should hold off on a new contract.
    He pulls the ball down to run before going through his progressions. Is that because he can’t read a defense or because he wants to be a one man show?
    Big questions for Baltimore coming up.

  24. Saints fan here.

    After watching Lamar last night, I said to myself, “I’d rather have Jameis than Lamar.” A QB’s best attribute should be decision-making & throwing; not running.

  25. Lamar was the main reason the Ravens were even in this game. The Ravens went from having one of the best offensive lines to one of the worst. He was running for his life most of the game last night but managed to take the game into overtime. Just pay the man.

  26. octavian says:
    September 14, 2021 at 10:51 am
    Saints fan here.

    After watching Lamar last night, I said to myself, “I’d rather have Jameis than Lamar.” A QB’s best attribute should be decision-making & throwing; not running.

    Seriously? If Jameis was pressured on 54% of his drop backs, I guarantee you wouldn’t feel this way. He wouldn’t be 19 – 30 with a TD and no picks like Lamar was. I’d wager my house on it. Mahomes was 26 – 49 with 2 picks in last year’s SB and wasn’t pressured as much as Lamar last night. I don’t care who you are, if someone is in your face with just a 4 man rush 54% of your drop backs, you’re not doing much of anything. Lamar is the only QB in this league that could do what he did last night with that much pressure. Yes he needs to improve his accuracy consistency, but so does dozens of other QBs in the NFL.

  27. Let’s pump the brakes here. It’s one game. However, it was the Raiders, who aren’t a very good team or defense. As usual the Ravens fans are making excuse after excuse covering for Lamar’s turnovers and inability to throw the ball consistently or make the right reads. Especially in crunch time. That’s why he always loses in the playoffs, and it’s surprising that it happened against such a bad team, because his career consists of essentially padding his stats against bad teams in the regular season and then playing horribly when it counts in the playoffs. Those are simple facts. Not hate. Not unwarranted criticism. This is nothing different from what we’ve seen consistently over these past 4 years.

  28. NFL (Football in general) history shows running QBs don’t last… Shortened careers…
    There is a reason each position has its role in a team… I would never want a qb that runs around as much as he passes…
    Not expecting much out of any of those teams except injured qbs sooner of later!

  29. People really need to stop over exaggerating Lamar’s weaknesses. Lamar played in a Pro Style offense in college, completely different from what the Ravens have put him in. Lamar has no issues reading defenses, actually is really good at it. He can and does audible. His issues right now are a HORRIBLE pass blocking Oline, accuracy consistency, and an OC that has a ceiling and doesn’t adjust well. Under that much pressure there is some onus on the OC to you know, help you out and not keep putting you in these situations where you have to be Superman.

  30. Maukey, wait are you saying he’s not Superman? Because that’s exactly what you and all Ravens fans have been screaming at us for years now. He’s unstoppable, best QB ever, MVP, yada yada yada… but for some reason he just stinks in the playoffs. Weird.

  31. New Orleans knew Taysom wasn’t the answer….It’s time for Baltimore to realize Lamar isn’t the answer.

  32. First, the Ravens defensive and offensive calls were horrible. Getting to Lamar…why is he the only QB has to win a SB? Could Miami win a SB with Dan Marino? So? They should get their money back? Anyway, Lamar is definitely a limited passer, but no QB can run like him, so they kind of cancel each other out. He makes plays no one else can and that counts for something. Dude fumbled twice to lose the game, nothing to do with his paasing, not the end of the world.

  33. I remember commenting that the Villanueva signing was puzzling and Ravens fans just losing their minds.

    He’s a great dude, but…

  34. So, now we gonna dump on Lamar in the regular season too? Dude can’t win. So, when the Ravens beat the Chiefs next week, I guess we gonna hear wait until the playoffs. Sheeesh.

  35. Always excuses. Bad o-line or bad wide receivers. Well, get used to it. Because How good is the team around him going to be once he’s the highest or second highest paid qb in football?

  36. VickCouldThrowToo says:
    September 14, 2021 at 11:45 am
    Maukey, wait are you saying he’s not Superman? Because that’s exactly what you and all Ravens fans have been screaming at us for years now. He’s unstoppable, best QB ever, MVP, yada yada yada… but for some reason he just stinks in the playoffs. Weird.

    I can’t speak for other Ravens’ fans, but please go and find me one post where I said he was unstoppable or the best QB ever. I’ll wait……

    As for MVP, am I mistaken or was he a unanimous MVP? So that is a fact.

    What I have done is defend Lamar from this insane narrative, mostly by people who have probably never played the game and/or people who just don’t like him for whatever reason, that he’s somehow not a QB and is just some gimmick to be “figured out”. You can’t figure out speed, athleticism, agility, and instincts, but what you can do, is get pressure on any QB in this league on 54% of their drop backs and they’ll be “figured out”.

    In his short career, Lamar Jackson has a 64% completion percentage and 69 TDs to 18 INTs, I personally feel that makes him a pretty good QB.

  37. nite2al says:
    September 14, 2021 at 12:19 pm
    So, now we gonna dump on Lamar in the regular season too? Dude can’t win. So, when the Ravens beat the Chiefs next week, I guess we gonna hear wait until the playoffs. Sheeesh.

    First off, Lamar is the reason the Ravens win ANY games. If the Ravens beat the Chiefs next week, I’ll be the happiest fan in the world. But I’m also realistic. Both of our lines are TERRIBLE. We have over a dozen people on IR. And Roman sucks as an OC. We’re getting smoked on SNF and on Monday morning everyone will be trashing Lamar, as usual.

  38. youpassbutter says:
    September 14, 2021 at 12:05 pm
    I remember commenting that the Villanueva signing was puzzling and Ravens fans just losing their minds.

    He’s a great dude, but…

    I agree 110%!!! I never understood that signing. He literally gave up pressures on every single passing down.

  39. Give Jackson some credit for owning it. There was a lot of talk in pre/offseason that he would be improved and passing more, and 30 times/235 yards is an increase. With that said the Ravens want to be SB contenders, not losing to the Raiders. LJ will need to raise his game against the Chiefs next week or the hole gets bigger.

  40. Pass protection definitely needs to improve around LaMar, but he needs to learn how to pass first. Right now the blocking scheme is unknown because no O-lineman has a clue where LaMar will be in 2-3 seconds….but they can bank he won’t be in the pocket behind him.

  41. If he cut down on the fumbles and then would work on improving his accuracy, he might turn into a QB. But he doesn’t appear to be interested in learning how to become an accurate passer so you got what you got.

  42. All of you acting like Jackson is a RB or WR have no idea what’s going on. Jackson is a good QB. He’s not great, he’s probably never gonna win a SB and he’s gonna put the Ravens in cap hell here soon but they don’t have a choice. His ceiling is so high they can’t afford to pull the plug.

  43. Mukay-

    What I have done is defend Lamar from this insane narrative, mostly by people who have probably never played the game ….


    w all due respect, unless you went to play at a MIN of a D2 college after hugh school, back off w the never played the game angle.

  44. I have watched every game Lamar has played in his NFL career. I played college football and have been watching NFL for 40 years. I love great football players and great teams, and I’ve been able to watch a lot of great QBs and teams in those years. You can throw all the gaudy regular-season stats at me to try to justify your unrelenting narrative that Lamar is an incredible QB. But I look at the end result: can he win when it counts? Can he win a Super Bowl? The answer is no. His poor throwing mechanics, inability to read coverages, desire to run, and penchant for turnovers at the wrong time simply are too much to overcome. It is beyond ridiculous to compare him to Marino or a young Manning; Lamar is not a good thrower of the ball. Period. He can hit 5-7 yd slants, comebacks and curls to a TE and occasionally make a long throw to wide open WRs. That’s it. That’s why he only throws for 225 yards a game and can’t win big games because he simply can’t make the 3-4 throws in the 3-4 key plays that decide tight playoff football games. He’s an incredible athlete and makes some incredible runs; but when it counts, he’s a below average QB and that is factual. I like Lamar. I just call it how I see it and don’t understand why the NFL and Ravens fans can’t accept these obvious facts.

  45. Also, do I need to point out the Raiders have a very bad defense? They were #26 in passing defense last year and #24 in rushing defense last year. In years past Lamar would have shredded a weak D like that. I know, it’s his O line’s fault and Roman’s play calling fault and I guess the Death Star must have let sun in that got in his eyes too. It’s troubling, but just look at Lamar’s trends on offense in the two years since he won his MVP… it’s downhill, and the wrong way. If you don’t think defenses have improved against him, you’re sorely misguided. And for all the talk every fall about how hard he’s worked in the offseason improving his throwing mechanics and accuracy, where’s the proof?

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